No one can read my Aura?

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my Aura is so powerful it refracts all the colors of the spectrum and no one can read it. My friend claims he is an Indigo follower or w.e and he still cannot read my auara. No one can read my Auara if u think yer Indigo is strong step right up lol u have no Idea.

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can you read your own aura? maybe your friend is lying. there is a muscle in the eye that lets you see auras. you have to train it though


your aura sounds like it needs to have a sanwitch. i sugest chiken noodl sanwitch its so skinee it needs to eet somethig also you are gay.


There are no auras. This “Indigo” thing is just silly people claiming their kids are special.
This dude, a magician and skeptic James Randi has a foundation called the JREF. They have a prize of one million dollars for anyone who can produce any paranormal event whatsoever, so long as they can do it in a laboratory setting.
Nobody has ever claimed the prize because nobody has ever produced paranormal phenomena.
For example, if a friend can see your aura, it means it extends above your head a little bit right? Like you’re glowing? Well that means he should be able to see your aura if you’re standing behind a wall that’s just high enough to reach the top of your hair. So he can’t see YOU, he can still see your aura. Right? So if you walked back and forth he shoudl be able to tell the researchers where you walk back and forth. Plain as day, right?
Well something as simple as that, nobody has ever done to claim that million dollars. Nobody has ever actually bent a spoon with his mind. Nobody has actually seen a room through someone else’s eyes. Nobody has read a single thought. At least nobody who wanted a million free dollars.


i like cheese


No it does NOT refract all the colors of the spectrum! If it did you would be spiritually perfect!!
Your aura is faint and fading fast. When you get full and proud that is vanity and it will keep on darkening until you walk in the Light again. LOL you are scared right now and I am the only one to tell you the truth. Stop bragging and above all stop bragging about your past relationship with the devil. Its not romantic in the least way. You better care about a relationship with GOD. Even the color of one’s aura is not to be worshiped or bragged about get a grip before you go out!


I don’t quite understand, when an aura refracts all of the colors of the spectrum it appears as white, which is the easiest color to see (at least for me).
Have you ever got a kirlian photograph taken of yourself? They can show the frequencies of your energy field in the form of colors, like people see when they look at an aura through their third eye.
Each color isn’t better or worse, it’s more important to focus on the combinations of the colors and how they look as a whole.
The only time it is a problem is when the aura is dark. That’s a sign of stagnant energy within the person; for some reason they aren’t manifesting their true character.


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