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No disrespect but is kabbalah not like amway and quixstar but a religion?

Im not talking about selling electric devices, but I am talking about paying to go to some classes , buying dvds, and motivational cds and stuff?


  1. Not genuine Kabbalah, no. However, it does have a long history of being an exclusive club because it used to be confined to Jewish fathers alone, so in a way, the current commercialisation is appropriate.

  2. Kabbalah isn’t some hollywood or “buy a CD” and then do it yourself Video. Kabbalah is the mystical part of Judaism. When Orthodox men are over age 40, they have learned Torah and commentary, they sometimes move to Kabbalah. It is only an extention, that not even every Orthodox Jew studies. This isn’t like Zen.
    Go to Barnes& Nobles Bookstore and buy a little $5.99 box for a zen garden, rake it, and be happy.

  3. That’s not real kaballah. It’s just stolen the name and a bit of vocabulary.
    Genuine kaballah requires decades of immersion in Judaism, study of Torah and Talmud, and fluency in Hebrew. It’s forbidden to charge anyone for the teaching.
    Unfortunately, we didn’t think to copyright the name back in the 13th century. Now we’re stuck with a bunch of celebrities wearing red strings and playing at something they don’t understand.
    Call that movement whatever you want, but please don’t mistake it for the real thing.

  4. Kabballah is connected with Judaism, or Qabalah (spelled differently, but referring to a similar tradition) with various Ceremonial Magic sects. (I seperate the 2, because the style of each is different, and many of the Ceremonial Magic groups have now become Pagan) I don’t believe Kaballah or Qabalah should be practiced without knowledge of their respective traditions. (Kaballah goes back to the 3rd Century, and maybe earlier, and Qabalah goes back to the Middle Ages, particularly in Spanish mystics)

  5. Authentic Kabbalah was kept hidden until 1995. What you are referring to are the misconceptions that are part and parcel of the many modern versions, which seem more focused on money than spirituality. Your statement as they refer to these modern versions is unfortunately accurate.
    Kabbalah has nothing to do with any religion and anyone of any religion or no religion at all can study. Kabbalah is the study of the spiritual worlds so that we learn to experience these worlds on our own and never are we asked to just believe because someone says so. It is all about obtaining the actual experience. Here is a short video you may enjoy on the essence of Kabbalah.


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