Ninjutsu: Kuji-in…..the 9 levels of power?





I have always been fascinated by the secrecy of ninjas, not the ones in movies but real life historical ninjas, you know, the ones that practice Ninjutsu,lol. They have a system of meditation and empowerment called ‘Kuji-in’ or the 9 levels of of power, and they are 9 different hand formations that each have a different and distinct meaning and purpose, each controlling a different desired ability, physical and super-natural. The 9 levels of power are:
RIN – STRENGTH of mind and body
TOH – HARMONY with the universe
SHA – HEALING of self and others
ZAI – CONTROL of the elements of nature
I have always wondered the mystery of the 9 levels of power, so i was wanting to ask someone who is informed in this specific area and is familiar with these, how is each level of power obtained? Do you just do them an poof you’re good to go?lol. Do you have to focus on each one differently then move onto the next one or does it take alot of time (years) to master? whats the system of practice for the 9 levels of power???


  1. Just saying I am a 2nd degree black belt in Ninjutsu and those are the same hand signs that we use in training although the meaning on TOH is slightly different. We also train in one more, but their are many more and yes they are used in meditation, however there is a spiritual side to the soul and in ninjutsu we utilize all aspects of ourself, Intellect, body, and spirit.

  2. Sigh…
    Kuji-in is a form of Buddhist meditation; each sign/mudra symbolizing certain aspects. These are often associated with ninjas, since ninja tradition is (believed to be) highly influenced by esoteric Buddhist beliefs. And even then, it is still simply a form of meditation, with the hands forming signs meant to aid in concentration.
    Additionally, the meaning of the 9 signs you listed are based on claims by author Stephen K. Hayes. In Budhism (where it originated) and Shinto, the meanings are quite different.

  3. I recommend you read the 6 volumes of books by Stephen k. Hayes. I read part of the first volume,Path of the Shadow Warrior, and I learned so much from it. The books have the mechanical, mental, and intellect about ninjutsu. Stephen K. Hayes is very accurate because he learned from the grandmaster himself, Masaaki Hatsumi. Hayes was the first Westerner to earn the highest rank in ninjutsu and granted to teach all 9 ryu.

  4. FYI there is no level of power obtained from a hand formation. There is the same thing within Buddhist practices as well. The hand formations are just a symbol and nothing more.

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