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Nihilists only, please…does nihilism philosophically justify suicide?

Why should I live? Why continue to be here at all?
I have arrived at the conclusion that existential nihilism is the only justifiable explanation that philosophy can produce. There is absolutely no reason at all to believe that life is inherently valuable, or holds intrinsic meaning. Morals, too, are objective. Life is meaningless. We can influence others, but they too are doomed to die. And even if we live on through their others until the end of time, that end eventually will come. Science predicts that in five million years or so, the sun will devour the Earth, and all Earthly life will be wiped away. By that point, we will have evolved into a species that is no longer human. Life bears no cosmic meaning. It is so incredibly insignificant within a universal context. We live in spite of our despair because society affirms that suicide is sinful, cowardly, and wrong, when really, that is only one view of suicide: the modern day Western one. The attitude towards suicide is culturally broad and has even been praised and glorified by such societies as the Ancient Romans and the Japanese. Or, we live because our bodies tell us to, because we are biologically conditioned to preserve the self. But when one ignores or transcends nature, and disassociates themselves from their genetic heritage, and stops automatically assuming that life itself is the meaning of life, we see that life really is futile and pointless. Existence for the individual ends with the physical annihilation of consciousness. Your awareness of the world dies with you. And when everyone else’s awareness dies, even if you once mattered, no one will be around to acknowledge that you once did. Even reason, logic, and science, my greatest passions nowadays, are grandly flawed as well, for they too place their faith in rationality and observation of the physical world as the absolute and final truth when, really, our limited knowledge of the world cannot possibly have led us to the conclusion that science is the end all be all of reality. So quite honestly, everything is so goddamn absurd. This truth burdens me and deeply disturbs me, for it negates all of my emotions, hope, and energies, and so all I have left to carry around is a void. And I think that the greatest pain is feeling nothing at all. I’ve had major depression in the past, but currently, as of now, should my way of thinking really be labeled as a mood disorder? Do I seem hysterical, blinded by emotion, or judgmentally impaired by pain? No. Oftentimes, depression is not pessimism, it is rugged realism. It is allowing thoughts that most people will not dare to because they are overwhelming, intense, and conflict with out survival instinct, deeply rooted in the oldest part of our brain. Depression is interpreting the data of the world in the crudest, most uncensored, organic form, with no synthetic additives such as false optimism to buffer the sorrow of these fatal truths. I am merely stating metaphysical observations and findings that I simply cannot seem to counteract or contradict, as much as I would like to. I think nihilism sucks. I just want to make sure that I am not missing any crucial facts. Don’t worry about putting ideas in my head, or about pushing me to a point of despair. I am already there. If anyone wants to help me, they will tell me what they genuinely think about the meaningfulness, or meaninglessness, of life, because I’m not looking to feel better, I’m looking to discover what is as close to the truth as I can possibly achieve. Please. I desperately need answers.


  1. That’s called being EMO or suicidal. funny, you’d be hard pressed to find a true Nihilist on a site like this.

  2. It’s not for anyone to make your decisions for you. If you want to commit suicide it’s your choice. If you want to find a meaning of life find one. Wisdom and the ideology you choose to admire are two different things.

  3. How can you expect a nihilist to tackle a philosophical problem when they believe in nothing? Logically they would have no basis to argue any side of the issue.


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