Nietzsche praised life, whereas Socrates called it sickness; which one do you agree with?






Socrates said life is a sickness and the only cure for that is death. Also Buddha said life is full of pain and the cure for that pain is meditation. But Nietzsche admired life and said life is miserable only for slaves and humble people. He said, noblemen say if this is life, why not to live it once more!
Who do you support? Why? What’s your rationale?


  1. I think that life can be both a sickness and a beautiful thing. So maybe, in the words of me, life is a beautiful sickness. It is both bad and good, and it teaches you many things that you more than likely carry on with you to your next life. It can show you hatred and death just as it can show you love, kindness, and passion. Life is something to be thought of, and talked about, as well as hated and quieted away.
    I don’t know about Nietzsche or Socrates or Buddha, but I do know that I am happy and sad both for the life that I am living.

  2. I’d be more likely to agree with socrates.
    I would also assert that Nietzsche didn’t know what he was talking about.

  3. I think this world is an illusion and death is a liberation from it. So I guess I would agree with Socrates.

  4. I think all have a point but no one is 100% right. All people go through pain and suffering which levels out with love and compassion. The buddha believed meditation is a way to get away from the pain but also believed in karma which means he did believe there had to be more than pain in life.He also believed in reincarnation which is similar to Nietzsche to live another life. Socrates lived a much harder life than the other two therefore his intake of the world is a sad suffering world.

  5. Although I admire both Socrates & Buddha, I’d have to say Nietzsche’s philosophy surrounding life does it for me. However I don’t think life is necessarily miserable for even slaves, as anyone who tries to make it positive will succeed.. it’s the ‘make most out of your life’ approach, as opposed to the ‘be suppressed throughout your life, reach oppression once you die’ approach for me!

  6. Some noblemen, like the Buddha, opted to find out what life is like for ordinary people. As for Socrates and Nietzsche, they stayed put and announced their vast knowledge of change, from the pulpit that they were born in.

  7. i think that how you view life depends soley on your attitude and has very little to do with your position. i am a very cynical and sarcastic person and therefore for the most part i view life as a bore and just something to be endured. it all depends on who you ask.

  8. life is what it is. you play the cards you have and then you die. i suppose i would more align myself with nietzche but not fully.

  9. I look at life as a sickness, yet also something to be praised.
    With Nietzsche — if you aren’t in a position to live a good life then it is miserable. It’s a sickness for those suffering and death will bring them peace. Whereas, if you are lucky enough to live good then of course you will praise life. A child starving or abused will not praise existing. Yet, someone wealthy with the power to do as they will are loving life.
    If one is given the chance they have to try and cure their sickness. However, some people never get the chance.

  10. Life would be a sickness if one is conscientious. A life without the conscience of Abrahamic religion is a worthy life. But the Abrahamic religions make life filled with sufferings. The only cure for the sufferings of life is to live without the conscience of Abrahamic religions. In other words, a good life is to live without wanting to be a slave.

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