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New telepathy test: which number did I write on my sheet of paper?

Here is my new telepathy test.
At about 18:16 UTC, on this Friday, September 17, I wrote a two-digit number on my sheet of paper, beside my computer (on the right), and I drew a circle around it . This number was obtained, a little while before, from this random number web page: http://www.psychicscience.org/random.aspx .
I ask you to tell me this number, your answer should be one of the numbers 10, 11, 12, …, 98, 99. You may also answer a number which is close (but not exactly equal) to my number to guess (for example, 51 and 52 are close to 50).
Also, you may answer “I don’t know” or “Sorry, I don’t know”, or “Sorry, I know the answer but I don’t want to write it here”. However, if you choose one of these answers, I cannot guarantee to you that you will get the 10 points of best answer.
It might help that you express anonymously your opinion(s) on previous answers (if there are any) by giving “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.
Thanks for participating.


  1. well im not trying to develop my telepathy but i’ve been really good at also did u consider that the person who answers it right could also be a remote viewer? either way my telepathy has been working really well lately but i cant or dont know if i can do long distance but i’ll test it…soooo my guess is………… 76? if not itsok i dont care if its wrong im just trying because the was the first and only number that popped into my head….

  2. i am not concerned with getting best answer but a bit of info here, numbers are about the hardest thing to “see” psi wise. Real places things ect are more seeable. If numbers were easy everty one would win the lottery of course. The easiest perghaps psi target is called an outbounder or beacon target. This is where some one goes to a location and the psychic is not told where or who, they then describe the place the outbounder goes to, sights sounds tastes ect all sensories. Then the outbounder retuurns 0 hopefully with pictures or video orthe viewer is taken to location for feedback. For some reason that is perhaps formostthe easiest. You can try that with your friends taking turns viewing and being beacon. The most important thing is being uniformed a head of time – for all psiwork being blind to ther target completely is the most accurate. Otherrwise one’s imagination, memories, ect AOL meaning analytical overlay will steer you wrong. Try to describe not name . In remoteviewing that is the instruction dont try to name form or functioon as what or wherebut describe. anytime one starts to name something, just write down and mentally set that aside.
    For making binary choices ARV is used associative remote viewing, this is where two different puiictures oneis associated with each choice then the viewer describes the picture he sees. I workedviewing for a mutual fund precoging night beffore with arv if financial vehicle would go up or down, we’d place “bet” with a stop lose so we were wagering a certain amount win or lose only so much per trade. We did pretty good but doing 5 days a week ffor a couple years got boring and that causes psi accuracy to decline. CRV controlled remote viewing the method developed by us military is considered the most accurate and easily trainable by most. It is a very structured method of viewing and recording data in a series of steps.
    There are many links on line. I’d advisse http://www.IRVA.org for a start. Personally i\d say avoid ed dames you hear on coast to coast.
    if youd like further web sites just ask.
    i know this doesnt answer your q1uestuion but numbers arent a very practical psi target.


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