NEW Psychic Series : Calm Someone Down Remotely

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In this episode I talk about how to calm someone down if they have the intent to harm or kill you. Or just if they are obnoxious, and you want them to settle down. This works on people and animals. I also talk about what you want to learn about in future videos. I give you some suggestions, but want to know more. I already wrote down so much that you have asked me to re-explain, or talk about more. You guys give great suggestions! I might need to do a separate video on how to prevent someone from killing you if they are dead set on doing it. I touch on it in this video, but probably need to give you more information and examples of when I have used this. Let me know what you think.

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Pulsed energy (either mental or physical) is more efficient and more effective than a smooth constant force. Since many people want to see a machine for their pain or anxiety treatments, I put a pad with pulsed LED lights (about 6 pulses per second) at the back of their necks. Pulsed energy treats anxiety better than any drug that I know of, and any side effects of fatigue or disorientation are completely worn off 10 minutes after the pulsing stops. But the pain and/or anxiety is gone for hours.


There gonna try to kill you…. So run. you said that so calmly lol


hey kelli!!! your great!!!!! haters gunna hate 🙂 and thanks for everything you tought us! i can sence so much more energies about the world i had no clue about! all i can say is thankyou! – love and light devon <3


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Thanks everyone who participates!


You are correct. I understand that this is all they know. I feel badly for them being so bound by a belief system that’s not their own.


As a matter of fact I don’t consider myself a Christian, I’m a Sovereign Citizen of the Heavenly Jerusalem. I’m not going to come on your channel and attack you, because what you do is your business. If you chose not to be a Christian for whatever reason that is your freedom of Choice, and nobody has the right to interfere with anybodies freedom of choice. all Christian Trolls are Neophites who need their shitty diaper changed. Its better just to ignor them,


Kelly: I know there are a lot of so called Christians who come on your channel just to troll you, I’m not one of them. Jesus never did stuff like that; and he never told his disciples to do that. King David never killed one Witch, even though Saul killed many. Unfortunately most troll Christians are still under the Old Testament Law like king Saul; and not under the Law of Love like King David. I know how bad they can troll you, because they also did it to me, so many times. We need to love.


Why are animals and plants psychic??? I’d like to know what you think about that.


@BigMessInPinkHeels Now remember when you watch the movies they don’t give you all the information, and they mislead you as to how to acquire and use the abilities. It’s usually in the form of a shot, or electrocution, or even radiation. In “real life” you can do those things, but in a different way. You use your thoughts to control things. You don’t need a shot, or a super weapon, or an awesome psychicmobile. Just your mind. And they don’t want you to know that. I’m telling everyone!


@BigMessInPinkHeels Now hold your horses missy. I said I was learning. lol It took about a year for me to learn how to control the air. I have only been able to move water by using air so far. But I did catch something on fire with energy. It scared me so much I never did it again. I set something on fire on the coffee table, and now we don’t have a coffee table. I had to explain to my husband I set it on fire with my mind. That was a difficult conversation. He wasn’t sure what to think.


@BigMessInPinkHeels Hey! I did a video on “air bending” or weather manipulation, and the Avatar video was last year’s costume. Now I’m trying to “bend” water, as you call it. By bending I am assuming you are saying “manipulating” or controlling. Is that correct? You were joking, but those are actually things people can do. I should watch more sci-fi movies to see what everyone is watching to get a vocabulary so I can relate better to your questions. Peace.


The right one. But you don’t really need the hand. It’s just easier to do it that way to start. You can do this with just your mind only.


The internet… Too interesting for words!


I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. That was interesting. lol


I never did in the past, but now I am seeing so many similarities that I have started watching the sci-fi movies for ideas on how to improve my psychic abilities. It gives me a name for some of the abilities I have, but didn’t know how to describe. Now I can just refer to a superhero, and you guys will know what I’m talking about.


Do you often look at similar movies and see if you can do them yourself?


Anyone else pictured this? Watch this video: QH2-TGUlwu4 …hahaha! I couldn’t help it!!


which hand? dominant one?


I wanna know why animals and plants are!!!! PLEASE!!!!


That’s where I learned the philosophy.


Hey! Thank you for sharing that with everyone. We are all learning from each other.


Hey kelli like have my own way of doing this
I create a ball of energy in my hands and bring it up 2 my head then i imagine te energy ball filling with blue light then i throw the ball at the person and they calm down with in seconds and mine last for about five minutes around that


Holy Crap!!!


What’s with the lights at 5:40?


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