New Age : What can we do to heal our chakras into the feeling of love?

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by EndlessMountain:

– Use the Law of Attraction in saying stuff like “I LOVE ME”, “I LOVE POWER”, “I LOVE SUCCESS”
– Use the Law of Attraction in visual boards with similar type of messages
-Meditate when you are able to
-Read New age books that promote the feeling of love over that of fear
What are some other things we can do to help our chakras use the energy of love over that of fear?

Answer by yog_sothoth_the_gate
hmm i was gonna say hug people

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Loraine A

Constantly pushing those addictive negative thoughts out of our minds. It takes a lot of discipline, but the rewards are endless. Making a consistently conscious effort for Love and Peace on Earth.


Well anything you do to heal your chakras is going to lead to an increase in love. You can do energy work on yourself while you say these things as well. Just place your hands over the chakras as you say your affirmations, close your eyes and visualize the energy going in your body and out to the world as love as you breath. Visualize your chakras getting brighter and the blemishes being removed. You can also use stones or aroma therapy to help assist you. God bless you brother.


This chakra is related to gut feelings and torrid emotions relating to love, hate, and the elements of dedication. It can consume us if we let it get out of balance through obsessive-compulsive behavior.
The sacral chakra is linked with the base chakra. As shown in Diagram 2A, the sacral chakra has portals on both sides of the body, and the base chakra is shaped like a cone that meets the sacral chakra at the base of the spine where the front and back of the sacral chakra touch. When open and healthy, a person’s sexual life force exists and seeks physical union. A blockage restricts the sexual life force for this area. Often, this life force is expelled through orgasm, but the energy version can also be channeled up to the higher chakras for other purposes and forms of outlet.
As a tool, this is a potent chakra and is specifically addressed in the “Willpower” section within the “Tools” section.
The solar plexus chakra is what gives us the grounded and secure feeling of “I am.” When in balance, we are comfortable with our placement in the universe and will have a fulfilling and stable emotional life, as the perception of emotions won’t be blocked from flowing down from the heart chakra.
Because this chakra is the “bridge” between the higher and lower energy elements, if blocked, it will prevent the emotions (from the heart chakra) from flowing into the sacral or root chakras, thus preventing the person from developing an emotional attachment to someone with whom they are sharing a physical union. A sense of emptiness on both levels will exist, and no deep connection can take place.
This chakra also has a significant impact on the development of our psychic abilities, as it is related to the element (though not the sense) of “sight.” Building and opening this chakra will increase psychic perceptions, premonitions, and prophetic dreams.
As a person evolves, there is a progression from the instinctual “gut emotions” of the lower chakras to the higher emotions and feelings of the heart chakra. Feelings of profound and connected love, tenderness, and compassion will start to develop. Optimally, as development continues, a person will start to see life in a more neutral manner and will develop a non-attachment to their volatile judgments, resulting in non-pendulum-like emotions.
A healthy and fully open heart chakra means that we hold the infinite capacity to love ourselves, our children, our parents, and even the strangers we meet on the street. We can see the inner beauty in others despite their apparent faults. It is not uncommon for tears to be shed when our heart chakra is open, for we have so much love energy to pour fourth that tears are just a natural reaction. Often, a woman who is making love to a man that she is in love with will cry as part of the tender experience.
Through this chakra, we develop cords that actually link to the people with whom we are having relationships. If you were able to see auras at the heart chakra level, you would see not only the cord between two deeply connected people, but also dancing lights of color dart to and fro between two lovers.
When I had my heart “broken” once, I felt a literal tear in my heart chakra. We all know the sufferings of a broken heart, but what we don’t realize is that actual damage (or subsequent blocks) can occur on that particular chakra and remain with us for life. When a person loses a loved one (a spouse, for example), there will be a ripping in the cord that has developed over a lifetime, resulting in severe pain from the cord breakage alone.
A blocked heart chakra will result in a person who either cannot feel love or expects something in return when he or she does give it. This person’s capacity for true tenderness is stunted, and he or she will seem “cold” to others.
Throat Chakra
This chakra relates to our ability to take personal responsibility for our actions. A healthy and open throat chakra means that the person is no longer blaming others for his or her problems and can carry on with his or her life with full responsibility. This also is directly related to a person’s ability to create abundance in his or her life. If a person takes responsibility, then he or she is far more apt to go out and create what he or she wants versus waiting or blaming others for what he or she doesn’t have.
The back of this chakra is often referred to as the professional center and reflects a person’s sense of self within his profession in relation to his peers and society. If the back of this chakra is open, this person is generally successful and challenges him- or herself to do his or her best. If it’s blocked, this person will not reach her potential, blame others, and, despite her outward claim that she is doing her best, she inwardly knows this isn’t true and has some hidden reason for her failure.
This chakra is also related to our process of communication. When we communicate, we express ourselves (either w


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