Home Discussion Forum New Age question: How do you release energy from an excessive chakra?

New Age question: How do you release energy from an excessive chakra?

I think visualizing color will only activate it and not balance it. It only works for deficient chakra. I’m not sure if working on the res of the chakras through color vizualizing align them properly. Anyone has a direct answer to how I can release excessive energy that is dominating my chakra?


  1. look up some massage therapists in your area, when i went thru school we were give 2 different way to do chakra cleansing, im asuming that most other schools do it too.

  2. Most areas have aryuvedic practioners around somewhere..Don’t you need to balance your doshas in order to balance your chakras…Even the tiny library where I live has books on this topic as does Amazon.com…

  3. You can dowse it with a pendulum until the pendulum stops and starts moving in the opposite direction. Don’t forget to state intent first.

  4. Stand in the shower with your left hand at the base of your root chakra (tailbone). Take your right hand and, while inhaling, rotate it counter-clockwise a few times in front of the chakra giving you trouble. Then, while exhaling and imagining energy leaving the chakra into your hand, pull your hand slowly away. Rinse your hand under the shower water. Do this until you feel that you have cleared enough out. Then, while exhaling again, rotate your right hand over the chakra clockwise to set it spinning again.
    I do this every morning for all my chakras while showering, clearing them out from root to crown, then resetting them again (I visualize the colors at the same time as well). That’s probably the best way, as opposed to focusing on one chakra. If you have trouble you could find an energy healer. Villoldo is training them, and I have a great one in my town.


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