Neopagan, Wiccan, and similair believers . . .?

by alastrione:

I have a sincere question. . .in your “tradition” do you worship one god or goddess, or all in a certain pantheon, or all in all pantheons? Do you believe that the god(s)/goddess(es) you worship are individuals or manifestations of one god, or just a manifestation of the god with in yourself?

Thanks for the clarification.

Aingeal: I put the word tradition in quotes to emphasize it, and to distinguish it as a religious belief system and not the pedestrian definition of the word. If you are thinking it was meant as some slight it wasn’t.

Answer by Kharm
I’m an oddball pagan, in that I’m just an animist. I don’t follow any gods. I believe everything has a spirit, and I revere the Elemental spirits, but I don’t worship anything per se.

Among pagans, you could probably find someone that fits into every category you listed. We’re like that.