Negative thoughts give birth to low vibrations

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Everything is made out of energy. In a molecular level, everything is composed of wave lengths that vibrate at various frequencies.

The human brain has the ability to read these frequencies and convert them into what we discern to be our physical reality.

Because of neural processes occurring in the seat of our nervous system, we are able to identify objects and persons.

Furthermore, aside from physical energy, there is another form that exists. We are also surrounded by various kinds of non-physical energy.

We even have some inside our minds in the form of thoughts. Because it is likewise made out of energy, our thoughts also have vibrations and they vary according to the quality of our thoughts.

Each thought that we have has a specific vibration. Happy or positive thoughts have a higher frequency while sad or negative thoughts have a lower frequency.

We must be wary of this because the quality of our thoughts create a collective vibration. If our thoughts are mostly positive, our overall vibration is high.

On the other hand, if most of our thoughts are negative, then our overall vibration is low.

Too often, the Law of Attraction is linked to the study of our thoughts. Some say it is a myth but if you study energies and their behavior, you will understand that there is a truth in such law.

The more you focus on a thought, the stronger its vibrations get. When its vibrations are amplified, so is its ability to attract energies of the same vibration.

This is why we are always being cautioned not to cultivate negative thoughts in our minds as they attract negative circumstances to our lives.

We make little complaints every day. As a matter of fact, we make some of them without us consciously knowing.

Complaints are a form of negative thought and we have learned to integrate them into our daily living that they have already turned into our daily mantra.

Here are examples of these seemingly harmless statements:

– I don’t feel good. /My head hurts. /My stomach hurts.
– I’m so hungry!
– This job is the worst job ever.
– The weather today sucks.
– Traffic was so terrible!
– I feel really stressed out.
– All the good men are either taken or gay.
– I’m fat. Period.
– This generation is so ______. Back then, we used to ______.

They all sound familiar right? If you find yourself often using these statements, now is your cue.

No matter how “normal” and harmless these complaints might be, they can create a profound effect in our thoughts in the long run. Little by little, when we utter a complaint, we are building the foundation of a negative mind. Are you cultivating a negative mind? Ask yourself these questions to find out:

– Do you often complain?
– Do you like talking about what’s wrong with the world?
– Do you have the habit of criticizing other people?
– Do you tend to blame others?
– Do you feel like a victim and do you talk about your problems often?

If you have answered “yes” to any of those questions, now is the time for you to take control over your thoughts. The fact is, we have the ability to choose our own thoughts. Time and again, we let our thoughts control us but this is not the natural order.

We are masters of our minds and ultimately, our life. If we cannot control the thoughts in our heads, how are we supposed to take control of our lives? Take control of your life. Make a commitment now to entertain only positive thoughts and see the difference.

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