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Negative side effects of astral projection?

I want to try it but im worried things might happen, such as hightened spiritual awareness, i dont really want to see spirits in everyday life, does this really happen? also, is it possible for the body to be taken over by another spirit while you are out of it?


  1. First off there is no such thing as astral projection, what you are experiencing is what psychologists refer to as a lucid dream. This means you are dreaming and you know your dreaming and in many cases can control the content or design of the dream. It takes a certain degree of skill, but that can be gained through practice and knowing the signs of dreaming when your in the unconscious state. And no there are no negative side effects, many people are actually quite humbled by this experience. But I can’t necessarily talk about experience vs. the remembering self without mentioning the recent tedtalk by this guy http://www.ted.com/talks/daniel_kahneman_the_riddle_of_experience_vs_memory.html

  2. Astral projection is a gateway delusion, you begin to believe in all kinds of crap once you’ve bought into it. Say NO! to pseudo-science and supernatural mumbo-jumbo.

  3. The people who warn about the dangers of astral projection are usually ignorant brainwashed deluded fools. They misunderstand how it works. They see it as your soul leaves your body & goes floating off somewhere. This is ridiculous & completely inaccurate. AP is real but is also deeply misunderstood. Nobody can take your body from you. There are times where you may experience problems with an entity that deceives you & tricks you into believing they have control over your body, but they really cannot take it from you. To experience this is extremely rare anyway. It will not happen to you. And you should never be worried about a heightened spiritual awareness. This will not lead you to seeing ghosts either. It’s not going to happen. Even if it did, ghosts are nothing to be afraid of. The more educated you are the less you have to fear.
    Btw lucid dreaming & astral projection are two different things. They have similarities, but anyone who’s experienced it firsthand easily knows they are different phenomena. Those who say it’s just lucid dreaming are those who have not experienced astral projection & have been mislead by others. They now know lucid dreaming is proven & so now accept that & automatically believe AP & LD are one & the same. Before LD was proven you had many halfwits saying it’s all bs, just crazy delusional nonsense. It’s only now that the scientific community accepts its reality that these people jump on board & say ok it’s real. And now they try to link it with AP trying to discredit that, until of course one day in the future it gets scientifically proven too. Then they’ll all jump on board again.


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