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Negative Energy Transfer?

Is it possible for one person’s negative “energy” to affect another person and areas of their life?
My mother has had an online store for 5 years and experienced little to no problems at all. The past 2 weeks she has let my father sell some of his personal items in her store. My father is an extremely negative person, and seems to love pointing out all the bad things in his and others lives. He’s generally an unhappy, depressed person and refuses to change. Since he has began selling with her, there’s been problem after problem with buyers (with my mother’s orders)! She’s had 3 major problems with buyers this week, all about things out of her control.
My mother believes in supernatural things and energy transfer. She told me she thinks that my father’s negative energy may be effecting her business. To go from zero to 3 problems in one week does seem funny, but is it just coincidence?
My mother doesn’t talk too much about her interests in energy and supernatural things because my father gets annoyed and thinks it’s “crazy person talk”. I don’t know much about energy but I have an open mind.
If you have any knowledge on this subject please advise!
Thank you!
You get a gold star, Tim!
My mother is in contact with the buyers, he has nothing to do with the store besides his items being sold. Thanks!


  1. Does he talk to the customers? She really ought to check out his work. He might be underminding her without even realizing it. Skeptics are always talking about Occam’s Razor(google it) …Before you decide it’s paranormal…check out his work. But I do agree that negative energy can be transferred..especially if the other person is an empath.

  2. Hi There!
    I’m not sure about “negative transfer” with regards to the supernatural but it is very real. Your father’s proved his naturally negative outlook is having an affect on the business. Maybe do an experiment and let him have no input for a week and see if it settles down, if it does then it’s definitely his negativity.

  3. Well…it could be negative energy transfer. It could also be your Mom’s own energy that is causing the problem. Having your Dad involved in her business could totally change her energy and what she chooses to attract to her…and what she feels in control of. So before hand, she was able to put all positivity and light into her project and what has been returned to her is the same. Now someone who she already feels is very negative is merging with her business, with her project. How she sees him is going to effect how she sees her business working…she would assume that things wouldn’t continue to run so smoothly and so maybe that’s why they haven’t. Maybe she is unknowingly putting that energy out there. It’s still a matter of energy but just not your Dad’s. If it was his energy, his stuff wouldn’t sell or there would be all sorts of problems with his orders. In all three instances it has been her orders though. I think that maybe your Mom doesn’t realize how powerful her own positive or negative thinking can be.

  4. I wouldn’t call what your father is doing as “negative energy transfer”, I would just say that he is turning off the buyers with his rotten personality. Someone with this personality type can make even the happiest person want to go out and kill themselves. The best advice is to tell her to leave him at home, get a new salesperson with more experience, who knows how to work with customers, buyers, and how to make them happy, not miserable.

  5. Negative people love to tranfer their misfortune , misery and bad luck on others so they feel secure. This is real. When it comes to business keep negatives away because they change your positive thought patterns to doubt and then you lose positve focus and results of your business.


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