Home Discussion Forum negative energy or positive energy?

negative energy or positive energy?

do u believe on positive energy and negative energy?
tell me ur reason?
do we have any thing about it in knowldge!


  1. Yes, but more as an attitude sort of thing than any measurable quantity. For example, have you ever been engaged in a lively conversation and then someone enters the group and the conversation immediately dies?
    Negative energy.
    On the other side of things do you have any friends who, no matter what is going on, always seems to add something positive to the situation?
    Positive energy.
    So, to me, negative and positive energy aren’t things that can be measured, like positive and negative charges on objects, yet they still are observable.

  2. Energy is the ability to do work. While we do define measurable energy – kinetic, static, friction, potential – as negative and positive, the way people talk about negative and positive energy is just metaphorical. It’s not an actual thing that could be measured.

  3. i think there is no such thing as positive and negative energy
    there is only one kind of energy .. it is our actions and behavior that makes it either negative or positive.
    take POWER for example, a person could choose one way or another to achieve it .. here is when actions and behavior take place .. when a person is stubborn in a bad way to achieve his desires . it can lead to disasters .. on the other hand .. others may work their way to achieve it without hurting anyone

  4. That’s absolutely true…u know Energy never dies…it just changes and can be transferred so…Yea !…we can transfer our energy to the other ppl..also it’s been proven animals can do the same !

  5. yes i do!
    the most clear example was when my brother went to take a shower after he fought with me and he felled in the tub and injured!!!

  6. I believe in both sort negative and positive energy world is based on that religiously speaking Satan full of negative energy dark provoking and there are angels positive energy calm full of light.
    A cell or a battery can’t exist with out both sort of energy
    Jealousy, suspicion negative energy
    Affection, security trust positive energy
    And so on


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