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Negative energy in my room?

Well I have read in feng shui, that when a dog does not like a certain area of the house and resists from it, it has too much negative energy in it.
With my dogs behavior i can assure you my room is unlucky. My dog comes when i call him in other rooms, but doesn’t come when i call him to my room.
This energy, would probably effect me too, and my studies are important at this time! Also sometimes i reckon my personality changes a lot to a pissy mood.
Any suggestions? How can i get my room free of the negative energy?
plz help!


  1. You’re the one with a feng shui book. If your room is arranged according to those principles, maybe your dog avoids it for some other reason.

  2. Perish the thought.
    There is nothing like negative energy except in one’s imagination fuelled by books on various Eastern beliefs. Cast out such thoughts and just get on with your academic pursuits.

  3. There are a variety of ways to approach this. One is from the transcendental (energetic) angle. Questions: How long have you lived in the room, who lived in the room previously, was there strange activity before you lived in the room = meaning was there some bad habits that formed in that room based on what a person did in that room. Some of these things can be treated by a space cleansing.
    Another angle is the mundane = how is your room set up. Are you in the command position, is it dark, is it cold, is there any life energy? You could introduce plants or flowers into the room to lift the energy of the space. Another thing to consider, what does the room smell like, is there mold, etc. You could also consider using a negative ion generator for the space.
    The third item I want to touch on is your own personal energy when in that space. Are you anxious, frustrated, tense? Did you every yell at the dog when in that room? What type of energy are you giving out when in that space?
    Ken Lauher
    Feng Shui Consultant


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