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Negative energies pyschological?

I feel the negative energy or vibe in my house all the time, everyone in the household does.. coz of my contolling father’s presence in the house and some of the bad memories I suppose. Is this just psychological or do energies really stay in the air or something… or both…?


  1. both, you relate the house to his anger. Also his aura still remains in the house. Light a stick of sage, also a smudge stick its called. Say a prayer or say some final words and walk with the stick around the house to cleanse it. Also, citrine or Quarts crystals absorb foreign energies.

  2. it’s in your mind, and you create your own reality so for you yes there are energies and for everyone that knows this would be the case to, but if strangers were to enter you house empty they probably wouldnt notice a thing

  3. I believe it is psychological because if he were not there, even with the memories, the atmosphere would become more positive.

  4. Everything has energy and vibrational frequencies. From my observations we are energy transmitters. Our thoughts and feelings create energy fields that the ether’s allow to carry on.
    There can be residual vibrational frequencies if strong enough that sensitive receivers can pick up. You may be a sensitive, so you may be feeling residual negative energy and it is affecting you.
    You may want to look into changing the feng shui of your home. That is a Chinese term for rearranging the energy pattern of ones environment. Look it up on google, you might enjoy what you see.
    Happy Energies to you.

  5. I’m not sure if I understand, it seems you could be saying that your controlling father is gone, or dead? If so, go get a smudge stick, you can get these at occult bookstores, new wave stores etc. Light the smudge stick and walk through the house letting the smoke go through all of the rooms. This purges a house of remaining bad vibes, feelings etc. I know if you’ve not heard of this it sounds strange, but try it, it works. American indians used this, and I find it takes the negative feelings out of a house.

  6. It is a bit of both. Some say that buildings retain energiesfrom past and present habitants. Personally I think it has a grain of truth in it. I remember going to my friends house and there was one room I couldn’t go into as it was freezing cold and I later found out that someone was murdered in that room – strange!

  7. Honestly, I believe that you really feel a presence (energy) and if I were you I would talk to your dad and if it scares you let him know that he’s frightening you and you would like him to stop. Also, pray to God to grant you comfort and peace during your troubling times. This should help a lot! In other words negative energies aren’t psychological because too many people feel negative energy and good energy as well. I’m not sure if anyone knows actually if the energies stay in the air because no-one has come back from the dead to support such findings. I don’t know exactly where they go, but I do know that they come to visit us now and again.

  8. psychological engery is still engery…it is there and it affects things around it…so it is both…even a thought is energy.


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