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Needing Information on Taoism Weddings?

I’m looking for a website that has Taoism Weddings covered on it. Can anyone help me on this?
I am trying to find information on Taoism Weddings for a project in my Sociology class. Can anyone lead me to a website I can use?
I have searched Taoist Weddings, but I’m still not receiving much information on them.


  1. Google-ing TAOIST (rather than “taoism”) Weddings brings up quite a few websites. Take your pick.
    Edit: I see the problem with the search. There is a thread on the Beliefnet forums that addresses your question, but it looks to be that there are few purely Taoist marriage rites — probably because pure Taoists would tend to eschew the pomp and circumstance. In Asia where Taoism is widely practiced most marriage ceremonies usually lean towards one of the other two religions, Buddhism or Confucianism which have more established rituals.

  2. Daoist teaching can be found in Dao Te Ching and Daoist Canon. In order to comprehend the ancient scriptures, you’ll need to be an excellent Chinese scholar in Chinese literature. Or you’ll need to find a high level Daoist master, who is difficult to come by.
    There is an alternative, you learn about the Taoist belief from the online lecture:
    The lecture unveils the practice of Taoist and Buddhist from novice to high level, in modern language context.
    “In the Daoist small worldly paths they don’t cultivate longevity. What they do is all about fortune-telling, feng shui reading, exorcising evil, and healing people, and most small worldly paths use sorcery.” copied from page #105 in the Lecture. Therefore, the couple may hire a Daoist to pick the date of the wedding day, review the compatibility between the bride and groom with the birth dates, and / or fortune telling about their future.

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