Need your opinion is there a judgment day? reincarnation or anything?

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for religion class.

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judgment day sure.


There is a judgement day,,, reincarnation is false.


Judgement is made the moment you accept Christ or reject Him.
If you die with faith in Christ you will spend eternity in heaven.
If you die rejecting Christ you will spend eternity in hell.
John 3:16-20


I’m a christian and i believe there really is a judgment day coming. No one knows when that time may be we just have to be ready when that time comes

Phantom of the Okra

Nope this is as good as it gets so make something of yourself while you can or you are screwed forever .

Averell A

You have to have a framework. In the Christian framework, after death, judgment. In the Hindu framework, one goes through a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth until he reaches Nirvana.

Nora Explora

Yes there will be a judgement after the resurrection. At that time each soul will be consigned to the realm that they earned during their probation on earth. Life is eternal so from that point they will continue to live in a state of happiness or misery.

The Truth Fairy 2

None of the above.

Gregory S

Need your opinion is there a judgment day? yes
reincarnation or anything? no


There is one


Yes, but Some imagine a great throne, and in front of it a long line of persons who have been resurrected from the dead. As each person passes before the throne, he is judged by his past deeds, all of which are written down in the Judge’s book. Based on the things he did, the person is sent either to heaven or to a fiery hell.
The Bible, however, gives a much different picture of Judgment Day. It is not a day to be dreaded or feared. Note what the Bible says of God: “He has set a day in which he purposes to judge the inhabited earth in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed.” (Acts 17:31) This judge appointed by God is, of course, Jesus Christ.
We can be sure that Christ will be fair and just in his judgment. A prophecy regarding him at Isaiah 11:3, 4 assures us of this. So, contrary to popular opinion, he will not judge persons on the basis of their past sins, many of which may have been committed in ignorance. The Bible explains that at death a person is set free or released from any sins he has committed. It says: “He who has died has been acquitted from his sin.” (Romans 6:7) This means that when a person is resurrected he will be judged on the basis of what he does during Judgment Day, not on what he did before he died.
Judgment Day, therefore, is not a literal 24-hour day. The Bible makes this clear when it speaks of those who will share with Jesus Christ in doing the judging. (1 Corinthians 6:1-3) “I saw thrones,” the Bible writer says, “and there were those who sat down on them, and power of judging was given them.” These judges are Christ’s faithful anointed followers who, as the Bible goes on to say, “came to life and ruled as kings with the Christ for a thousand years.” So Judgment Day will be 1,000 years long. It is the same 1,000-year period during which Christ and his 144,000 faithful anointed followers will rule as “new heavens” over the “new earth.”–Revelation 20:4, 6; 2 Peter 3:13.


There is definitely a judgment day coming, actually two of them.
The first is the judgment of the saved in heaven where those who have accepted Jesus as savior will be judged for rewards for their service (or the lack of it) 1 Corinthians 3:12-17.
The second judgment (the judgment of the lost) will occur at the end of the Millennial Reign of Christ (Daniel 7:10; Revelation 20:12).
Since the Bible is the Truth, reincarnation doesn’t exist.

Pastor A

Judgement Day? Yes.
Reincarnation? No.

elaine 30705

God tells us in his word that there will be a judgement day,
and either we believe God or call him a liar and deny him.


It has nothing to do with my opinion, but yes, there is a judgment day. Everyone will be judged by Jesus Christ. There are two judgments, actually. There is the Bema Seat Judgment of the Believers in which they will be judged according to their works, and receive rewards.
The White Throne Judgment is for all unbelievers in the Lord Jesus Christ. They will be judged according to EVERY bad thing they have done, then they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire with satan and the Antichrist and the False Prophet.
Reincarnation is a false teaching. No one “comes back” as someone or something else. People’s bodies go to the grave when they die. When Jesus comes back for the believers, they will be raptured. Their physical bodies will rise up and be changed into glorified bodies, then we will go with the Lord. The dead in Christ will rise first, then all who are believers and are still alive will rise up to meet them in the air.
Unbelievers will be raised up at the White Throne Judgment, and like I said, they will all then be condemned to eternal punishment. Your soul never dies. It either lives forever in Heaven, or forever in eternal punishment.
Good question. Thanks for asking.


There are many who disagree on this answer. Indeed, as stated, there must be a framework for a religion to think about life and its purpose. For the purpose of your religion class… and the question of judgement you might consider pondering over Pascal’s wager:
Pascal’s wager:
Assumption: Either God exists, or he does not. There is an implied judgment if God exists. There are only two choices (1) believe in God and live as such (2) not to believe in God and live as such.
Conclusion: There are four possible outcomes:
(1) If God exists and you believe in Him: then you are saved.
(2) If God exists and you do not believe in Him: then you are damned.
(3) If God does not exist and you believe in Him: then no loss, but you gain peace of mind by living according to a defined life framework.
(4) If God does not exist and you do not believe in Him: then no loss, but also no gain.
Pascal reasoned, since there is no way to prove/disprove the God propostion, then we might well assume there is a 50% chance of losing really big-time, whereas if you do believe in God, then there is 100% chance you will not lose. Therefore, choosing to believe in God and thus believe in a judgement is the best way to hedge the bet, and minimize your risk.
Now, if you don’t feel comfortable with that philosophical wager then there is a really only one other way… It is to test the propositions laid out in each of the religions. For example, if you believe in the Christian God then you should trust the Bible. The Bible teaches “if any man lack wisdom let him ask God” (James 1:5) and promises that God will give such wisdom to the asker if he asks in faith. But, that is probably beyond the scope of your religion class…
Best of luck. I personally believe there is a judgement and that ulitmately we will stand be for God and account for our lives. We will be our ultimate judge – and thus we will be judged by the thoughts and intents of our heart as well as by our works. Moreover, I believe that if we exercise faith in Jesus Christ unto repentance (i.e., our life is on a path of progress not regress) then God will exercise mercy and allow for our eternal progression.


There will be a day of judgment.


If you believe in God then automatically judgement day should be considered, as we are created for the sheer reason but just to worship him alone and be righteous and pious people. Which means we will be judged for that.


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