Home Discussion Forum need to get rid of my negative energy and need more positive?

need to get rid of my negative energy and need more positive?

i constantly fear death cuz of a traumatic event that happened to me and I think that it brings alot of negative energy around me cuz no one really wants to hang out with me and lately pple actually told me that they feel very week when there around me. How can I get rid of this negative energy and bring more positive energy. I want to be that person that everyone just wants to be around all the time. What can I do???


  1. Volunteer in your community. By doing something for someone else, you’ll
    A) be doing something good, which brings positive energy
    B) have something else to think about because someone else needs you
    C) stand a good chance of rediscovering the value of living by making a difference and improving someone else’s life.
    I’m very sorry for your bad experience, but I know personally that some of the worst experiences in life are the most valuable for what you learn from them. Good luck, my friend.

  2. If you want to get rid of negative energy, you must think positive. Do not allow for any negative thoughts to cross your mind. Keep yourself busy, do things you like to do. Spend time with positive people, and keep on moving forward. Do not dwell in the past. Stop thinking about death. Be thankful you are alive. You will feel grateful when you think about those who have it allot worse than you. Think about it.
    Be happy.


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