Home Discussion Forum Need some help with third eye Chakra please?

Need some help with third eye Chakra please?

My 3rd eye chakra level is great 86% in a -100 to +100 range. each of my chakra’s are increasing daily with the others around +45-50%. now the third eye chakra has to do with visualization, intuition, imagination and telepathy.how can i master those things?
Thanks a million, Kyle


  1. The intuition part is easy. Just start recognizing it when it happens and act on it.
    Take those vague hints or feelings and focus on them and pay attention to what they are telling you.
    Love and blessings Don

  2. Now that I’m atheist, I’ve noticed a lot of people doing this Chakra thing while sitting in the lounge chair section of the Java Hut.
    It’s bad enough, they order the complex beverages and leave squat-all for tips, but the constant humming from that section of the store is bothering the others.
    I thought I heard someone talking about their Chakra increasing, but it could have been “Choctaw degreasing”. It’s a bit loud here at the J-Hut.


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