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Need new free MMORPG?

Here is a list of ALL the games i have played and that i find very very very boring…
I am looking for a new MMORPG that is free and preferably new so it isn’t old and crappy…
By the way i do NOT like games like FLYFF i hate cartoonic games…
-Thanks in advance!
Dekaron Online
2Moons Online
Cabal Online
Anarchy Online
World Of Warcraft
Archlord Online
Atlantica Online
Conquer Online
Hero Online
Deco Online
Dream Of Mirror Online
Dungeon Runners Online
4Story Online
Last Chaos Online
Silkroad Online
Rappelz Online
Eudemons Online
Shaiya Online
Guild Wars Online
Knight Online
Lord Of The Rings Online
Lineage Online (All the parts!)
Maple Story (Hated it)
Minions Of Mirth
Rakion Online
Ragnarok Online
Rohan Online
Perfect World Online
Runescape (TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, i cannot think of any words to describe this bad game)
Soul Of The Ultimate Nation Online
Sword Of The New World Online
Tantra Online
Trickster Online (Terrible)
Warhammer Online
That concludes it…
Thank you and i know i have pretty much named like every single MMORPG possibly ever… But i do not like these games for their gameplay, graphics, controls, spells and skills, etc…
I am really counting on you guys to find me a good game that is fun and that i can waste my time on because i have nothing better to do -.-
@ Unknown (Or whoever posted about WOW)
I have more than 3 level 80’s.
And i am sick of it.


  1. World of Warcraft is the best MMORPG out there, man. If you quit at a lower level, i understand. But get to at least lvl 10 and u’ll lov it..


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