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Need Info on Physical Purification of Sin and How to Kill a Witch?

I am working on a novel and all I can find on the internet is witchcraft games and how to kill the witches on them. I need to know, historically, how witches were killed and how to physical purify sin in a sense that people who are doing it are a dangerous cult who are cruel and unusual and are witch-hunters. Can anybody rack their brains and offer any suggestions? Thanks so much!


  1. They were tortured and made to confess they had liaisons with Satan. Christians believed in Satan but no witches then or today did. Witches believe in neither god or the devil and they certainly worshipped or acknowledged neither
    So their confessions were made under torture, often over several weeks and then they were usually hanged or in some rarer cases, burned to death. Some of them were just young children who were unusually kind or caring which made them ‘suspiciously unusual’
    The evil done by xtians still hangs over the earth like a big black cloud even today.

  2. Watch “The Wizard of Oz” — if you suspect someone of being a witch, throw water on them. If they melt, you killed a witch. If not, they weren’t a witch after-all…

  3. as a witch …i am wondering if i should answer this.
    however i do have much information on how they (or what they thought were witches) were killed.
    in Europe it was usually torture by any means available until the person would confess to witchcraft. (this led anyone that they captured to eventually confess just to make it stop) then death by burning at the stake. sometimes hanging. or drowning.
    in America (the Salem witch trials) most were crushed to death under stones.
    if you want really historically accurate information look up the
    Malficus Malficorum it is a book published by the Catholic church, it includes way to find, and execute witches etc.
    i should tell you that in most witch hunts it is very unlikely that they ever actually found a witch. usually midwives were accused if there was any problem with the birth. and herbalists were often accused because of their kknowledgeof plants.
    also it was a very easy way for a farmer to get more land. accuse his nneighbor the church kills him. then by law he had first ddibson buying the land.


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