Sunday, September 26, 2021

Need ideas for protecting apartment from neighbors negative energy!?

I recently moved into an apartment after living in the country for 7 years where neighbors were acres away. Now I have connecting neighbors on both sides of me. My problem is that, although I have cleansed the interior of my apartment, I cannot find an effective method for protecting my unit from the energies that flow from the connecting neighbors. One has so much negativity! Any and all ideas that are effective would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. Oh, sheesh.
    There is no such thing. You think you feel the negative energy because you know he’s negative. Honestly, someone could be a murderer and rapist and have the sweetest disposition outdoors and you’d be like, “Oh! I love his positive energy!”

    • uh maybe he is raping and murdering negative people.
      and if he is raping and murdering future rapist and murderers..
      then maybe its not such a bad thing, as long as he is smiling at the positive people.
      ya dang right I love his energy

  2. The cleansing of your interior and good maintenance should do the trick.
    It is hard when one is not accustom to such close living there is not much else other than a protection spell, but that’s really not usually necessary.

  3. Have you tried sea salt at the doors and windows?
    Have you saged the house as well?
    Also, take a broom sweeping everything out the door and chanting a negativity spell…..let me go find it.
    Okay, envision yourself surrounded by a large white ball of energy, pushing all the negativity out as you sweep. After sweeping said energy out seal the door with sea salt as well.

  4. Charge a two mirrors with protective/reflective properties regarding that energy, then hang them facing the walls, toward the neighboring apartments.
    That should help. It would probably also be a good idea to set up wards around your particular apartment.

  5. you need to maintain your cleaned energy, it’s not practical to cover your walls with silk.
    you can keep this plant
    in the house, it’s good against bad energies.
    you could also put rose quartz near the shared walls and cleanse them periodically.
    call in the good spirits/energies to protect your house
    visualize a cosmic energy cleaner that gets rid of all the bad energies just like it would get rid of bad smells. again, you have to do this visualization every so often to maintain it.
    yes… and prairie’s mirror idea is also very good.

  6. I like Crow’s mirror idea.
    You can also use poppy jasper, maybe mixed with rose quartz to bring positive energy.
    Maybe look up other stones and see what feels good to you for this situation.
    You do need to cleanse them fairly often and charge in moonlight.


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