Home Discussion Forum Need help with using my Rose Quartz?

Need help with using my Rose Quartz?

Hi all,
Id like your help with using my Rose Quartz for a specific purpose… After making a big declaration to a very good friend and possibly future lover, Ive given him a lot to think about and some big decisions to make (not ultimatums- good decisions.. but very big possibly life-changing ones nonetheless).
Can anyone recommend some nice meditation/ritual with my Rose Quartz to open his mind, give him tranquility, listen to his heart and give him courage to undertake new things in his life?
Nothing manipulative, please. Just to send good energy and give him the strength to deal with this head on.
Thanks 🙂
The Shamman: Why would you salute Lucifer? Come on, youre a bit old for that kind of stuff..


  1. freespellsonline.com
    every type of spell from A-Z
    well not rly but u get wat i mean
    theres ALOT!
    rose quartz r usally used for love spells
    u shuld rly use a clear quartz for this

  2. put some full moon oil on the Rose quartz. hold it on your left hand, visualize what he needs and then light a yellow candle to improve brain function today at 2 p.m. or 9:30 p.m. this is the hour of mercury here in california. if you are in the east coast you can do the same thing pretty much. there should be no problem. make sure to use “Expand Your Mind Oil”on the yellow candle. you’ll see great results. you can also do it on Friday too. Hail Lucifer!!


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