Need help with Out of body experiance?

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Okay, so i’ve started to try it, i’ve read quite Alto on it but last night experienced something which i have never experienced before.
I was lying down, staring at the light on my computer, for 10-15 minuets when i nodded off, i knew i had nodded off and i knew i was having tons of different dreams, but i remember each time my body was experiencing like pins and needles all over my body, which i eventually panicked each time and woke my self up.
After falling asleep again, i was asleep, dreaming of something, can’t remember what but i woke up with sleep paralysis, i was conscious but couldn’t move. I then heard a Rumbling or a vibrating in my head and maybe my body, it was in my ear too, i could hear it and feal it, i then heard a voice in my head( which sounded like a cross between a native indian and Arnold Swarchnegger, except not so strong on the accent and a softer voice) telling me something, i think it was speaking another language or i couldn’t hear it properlly, but by the tone of his voice he sounded like he was encouraging me to do something, i don’t know what but yeah.
After i heard the voice, everything stopped but it was strange, the last few seconds of the experiance i was also trying to wake my self up(usually i panick and try move) but this time i was just breathing heavily while relaxing and waiting. When i woke up, with my eyes open conscious, the rumbeling faded and it felt like everything died down.
2-3 seconds later a tinitus effect kicked in, and had a slight ringing in my ear.
I don’t do drugs, or was drinking or smoking. It’s the first time i have ever heard in my life, a voice inside my head which was not my own.
Does anyone know if this related to having an out of body experiance? if so how do i actually get out of the body? i don’t think i was trying to lift out, i was sort of panicking a little trying to understand what’s happening.
Please no sarcy replies!

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Seldon Surak

get a book on astral projection
they probably don’t have that in the ‘for dummies’ series, you might have to go to a non mainstream bookstore.


Have you been sick lately? If so, that can affect your sleep and your emotions in weird ways. If you have felt healthy, then get a physical. It can be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency.

Mr. John

Poor guy, don’t believe on such nonsense because it will only ruin your life. It is a fairy tale, imagination, hallucination, delusion, or whatever it is but not real. The things you read about it is all baloney and they only want your money by buying their lies.


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