Need help on what incubus album to get?

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Im thinking about buying an album by incubus but im stuck on what one to get. Any ideas and tell me why as well.

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is incubus a piano player
…. well if u dunno just get all of em


I listen to 80% rap normally, but I like incubus. SCIENCE was a great albulm, but the one that hooked me was the one with the song make yourself. I think that one really had the best presentation of the incubus sound.


go on mySpace and search incubus, listen to some of their songs on there. Incubus’ earlier stuff was quite hip-hop based, with a lot of mixing and scratching (SCIENCE), then they started to mellow a bit, Make Yourself used a lot more Asian instruments and acoustic guitar but was still quite hardcore in places; Morning View is based on a lot of acoustic music and Brandon Boyd started to develop a bit more; A Crow Left Of The Murder is quite political as it was released around the time of Bush’s election and Light Grenades is based on the collapse of Boyd’s relationship, i believe. My personal favourite is crow Left Of The Murder. Probably the best one to get into them would be Morning View because it shows a range of the bands abilities
Enjoy 😀


Get all of them. You won’t be disappointed.
But if you have to get only one, I’d say Morning View or Make Yourself


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