Need help on How to activate your root/base/first/muladhara Chakra?

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Meditate to this, feel grounded to mother earth! read the description of the chakras and comment/rate, give me ur opinion on ur experience…im only trying to help as many as possible b4 the inevitable! DEMOLISH UR FEARs!!!

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Rev. Lynn D.

Here are several ways to stimulate your root chakra.
Colour Association Red
Sanskit Name Muladhara
Location Base of spine, coccyx
Lesson Survival—The right to exist. Deals with tasks related to the material and physical world. Ability to stand up for oneself and security issues.
Imbalances Anemia, fatigue, lower back pain, sciatica, depression. Frequent colds or cold hands and cold feet.
Root Stimulants Physical exercise and restful sleeps, gardening, pottery and clay. Red food & drink. Red gemstones, red clothing, bathing in red, etc. Using red oils such as ylang ylang or sandalwood essential oils.


A 26 yr old girl had Premature Ovarian Failure. All the time she has cold and cold hands and cold feet, now depression too. Can You guide if it can b cured by activating Chakra? If yes then which Chakra is needed to be activated and How?
Please help.


Watch this video , it explains everything about meditation. Share it with friends and Family


Thank you for a lovely video..My small piece of suggestion is to use sutler form of images in video than fierce images..Mediation is sattvik not kroor..Best wishes

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