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Need help, meditation with chakra crystals?

I am going to start meditation with chakra crystals, but I don’t know if I need to put the crystal on the chakra regions of my body while I meditate or if holding the crystal in my hand is OK. Thanks
How do I open and close my chakras? That is new to me, but I am also new in the topic. I was reading the instructions from a book, it says that when I start meditating I can hold the crystal with my hand, bu then I see pictures of the crystal placed on the chakra regions and that’s what confuses me.
The crystals are not religion or magic, only help with meditation because of their energy, and I do read the Bible and I believe that God gives some people some kind of “gifts” that can be used for positive things to help others, because the power of God is not in question.


  • Hello Another Obama’s Girl,

    Meditation with chakra crystals is very simple. If you want to meditate for a short while, I would simply choose your favorite crystal and hold it. Traditionally, the left hand is considered a receiving hand. This means that if you want to receive energy from the crystal, you might want to hold it in your left hand. This is not a rule, just a guideline. If you were going to charge the crystal, the right hand might be a better choice.

    If you want to focus on balancing a particular chakra, choose a crystal associated with the chakra you want to work on. A simple guideline for this is to choose red crystals for root chakra, orange for sacral, yellow for solar, green for heart, blue for throat, indigo for third eye, and purple for crown. Further details can be found on the website referenced below.

    After choosing a crystal, lay down and place the crystal on the appropriate point on your body. If you wish to do multiple chakras, that will enhance the benefits. You could even get a set of chakra crystals that you use consistently. I find that when I work with the same set of crystals for a while, the effects are increased.

    Note: For the root chakra, I place the crystal on the surface upon which I am laying. For the crown chakra, I place it over my head.

    After placing the crystal/crystals, begin meditating. The crystals will facilitate healing and balancing your chakra system while the meditation allows you to clear your mind. You might also want to focus your attention on the individual chakra or chakras you are working on. A simple way to do this is to visualize the appropriate color of the chakra you wish to balance. If the color doesn’t come easily, think of standing in a field of flowers (or grass, if working on the heart chakra) of the appropriate color.

    Enjoy your meditation. May your life be filled with peace and serenity.

    • Just because your christian doesn’t mean you cant meditate with or without crystals… just reading the bible wont make you a better person… while meditation will… and yes crystals dont have magic but their ability to absorb, amplify and release energy is real its been proven and it is why all electronic devices have quartz in them. To answer the question all I do is hold it in my left hand while I breath.

  • I believe it is placing the chrystals on each chakra, although I would listen to your instincts as everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for another. Make sure you balance and close your chakras after opening them, otherwise you may end up asorbing too much from people you come in contact with.

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