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Please mention the serial number of your answer.
1 what is an abstract card in Masseilles tarot deck?
2 what is the use of a crystal piller and a crystal ball?
3 any site to get good portions?
4 what is the use of Indian ink?
5 where should the crystal be on the wand ,the edge or the handle?
6 can we travel from one country to another with a small knife used in the craft?
thank you.

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get a book


wow…sounds like a high waste of time and money


I can answer a few of these but not all.
2. A crystal ball can be used for scrying. a crystal pillar has many uses depending on what type of crystal it is.
3. check out
5. The crystal on a wand is usually at the tip of it so that the power goes through it.
6. At this day and age they probably won’t allow any type of knife on you during travel from one country to another.
Hope I helped you out a little.


My experience with tarot is limited and there’s many variations with the different decks, so you’d have to consult the booklet that comes with for ideas if you don’t have someone to help you in person.
The crystal pillar and ball are used as foci for energy. They represent male and female respectively.
You’ll have to clarify on the portions…or do you mean potions? I don’t have much trust in what you usually find called “potions.”
Indian ink is what you make of it.
The crystal is put somewhere meaningful to you and helpful in directing your energy. What works for me probably won’t work for you.
Finally, you’d have to check with plane regulations for travelling with a knife. Usually you have to declare potential weapons and include with checked luggage.


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