Need help finding a good reiki relaxation site?

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Im looking for a nice site with music and pics to help me relax. I have lots of fatigue in my shoulders and neck. A friend told me about reiki but I need more information please.What are your experiences? Pros, cons, tips,hints. Thank you in advance
What is the chakra system?

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reiki is a 2000 yr old hands on healing system where the practitioner has the life force energy emit from the hands and the energy flows throughout the body./ it has an intelligence of its own and knows where to go. i have seen a lot of healing through this wonderful system. and the best music I have found is a cd called Merlin’s magic. the practitioner will also clean out the chakra system so that the body will heal itself and release all the negative energy and emotion that no longer is needed by the body.

Sweet Cupcake

It’s not a treatment you can get from the internet, you have to have a person who has studied reiki do a hands on treatment to you. My daughter had it done once and she thought it helped, She had severe swelling in her glands in her neck. I would have it done if there was a need. There are other ways to relax if you don’t have a more severe problem. A good massage would probably help you if it’s fatigue and tension that is your problem.


What is Reiki?
Reiki is essentially this: a spiritual system in which an “energy” can be accessed for personal “healing”. This energy is only part of the whole process implemented by Reiki. It was founded by a Japanese martial artist of Samurai descent in the mid 1920’s after a long period period of performing a harsh meditation practice. His name is Mikao Usui. The system is used today more as a healing modality than a spiritual practice. The practice involved treating yourself and others but also includes meditation as well as the gokai or five principles. The principles were described by the founder as a way to invite happiness into your life. These principle and their modern variations can be beneficial as proven by the scientific studies on happiness, joy, gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness. Unlike most former samurai Mikao Usui did not leave the running of his system to his family. His own sister’s family has vowed to never speak his name again. Running of such schools would provide money for the family. In preventing his family from taking control of the system we might conclude that he did not want anyone person or group controlling it’s study or development. Usui taught a man called Hyashi (surname) who in turn taught a woman from Hawaii of Japanese descent called Hawayo Takata. Mrs. Takata is the individual responsible for bringing Reiki to the west. Contrary to belief Reiki is not from anywhere or anytime other than the 1920s in Japan. The belief that Reiki is older can be attributed to early research into it’s history linking it to Medicine Buddha healing practices. This has been proven to be incorrect. Does Reiki help to heal. Some say yes and others no. There is scientific and medical research being done with varying degrees of success in proving it’s validity while some people consider it quackery. Distant treatments can be done over time and distance. The websites listed below might offer “distant treatments”.
Regarding Relaxation:
You could also use something called body scanning or tensing certain muscles and then relaxing them. Muscles tend to hold these negative emotions. Reiki can help as well. The best bet maybe a combination of things. Since, I am not a mental health professional this information is given without any warranty.
Music: Music by Johnathan Goldman or Llewellyn: Reiki Gold are good for relaxing and meditation
Articles on Reiki from noteworthy Reiki Masters: – International Center for Reiki Training – William Rand – International House of Reiki (Japanese focus) – Bronwen and Frans Steine Reiki Evolution – Tagart King – Rick Rivard – James Deacon
**CAUTION: weather you choose a practitioner or a teacher research the questions you should ask**


The chakra-healing audio CD’s by Julia Shepherd are brilliant.
You will find the CD details at –
I think this website will also answer your questions on Reiki.


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