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need guidance/going on a trip….?

of a dream like nature. this will not be for fun or entertainment. it is a vision quest, so i can be a viewer of what is really me, and what is only ego. i need to answer a question that brings me great anxiety, and this is what scares me. i will be taking the strongest psychedelic found on earth, the same one produced by the pineal gland after a seroquel binge or a dying departure. i don’t know if i will have a bad trip, then again any realization that you are a monster, even if it is the truth probably won’t resonate too well.
if i am doing this with the intention of exterminating doubt, regardless of the impunity of truth, will i find my answers without something stupid like ghoulish manifestations keeping me from persisting in my interstellar drive? anyone who has ever used dmt, please speak up
if what i fear is true, no demon can petrify me.
freud believed the conscious mind was too influenced by the ego, so we couldn’t think or feel the things that were really inside us. so we did it in our dreams. i need to know if what i really want is sinister, i can never remember my dreams… i want to see what the uncaring me really cares about.


  1. Your going about this the wrong way. All you will be doing is opening your self upto demonic possession. beware and be careful, if you want to remove your human will (ego) read this book and save your heart mind and spirit the stress. Avoid heavy drugs they open you up to demonic possession.
    God bless

  2. How can you exterminate doubt when putting yourself under the influence of a psychadelic drug? I would think this could only open up more doubt and leave more confusion. It is possible to do what you want to do through training in meditation and without the aid of psychotropic substances. At least then you could trust the answer you find.

  3. I have gone on vision quests before, but I don’t know if they were the same kind that you’re going on. But I’ll do my best in answering your question.
    Just relax. Clear your mind (this is easier said than done. Some people like to imagine a box that they can put any worries in and leave behind). Get into a deep relaxed state. If you have specifics questions, focus on them. Call forth your diety, angel, spirit guide, whoever you want to talk to. Just wait and let the answers come naturally.
    Hope this helped!


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