Home Discussion Forum Need good sites about Daoism/Taoism?

Need good sites about Daoism/Taoism?

Doing a small paper about Daoism (or otherwise known as Taoism), and need direction to some more (good) websites. I already have been to Wikipedia and Religious Tolerance.org, so *please* don’t tell me to go there. If you do, I’ll send my teething baby out to gnaw on your fingers. 😉
This is for a college class. Just 8-9 pages, where I need to explain Daoisms beliefs about the ultimate reality, nature of self, death, and ethics.


  1. Read the Tao of Pooh. It explains Taoism using Winnie the Pooh. Very small book – easy to read – helps you to understand a lot. MUCH better than Wikipedia! Pax – C.

  2. I have found both the Tao Te Ching and Hua Hu Jing free on the net before by looking them up in Google. What level are you writing at, I have lots of reference materials but I have them for my thesis.
    Brian Walkers Hua Hu Jing is a great resource as well, you can find an E-book of it fre4e by searching google.


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