Doing a small paper about Daoism (or otherwise known as Taoism), and need direction to some more (good) websites. I already have been to Wikipedia and Religious, so *please* don’t tell me to go there. If you do, I’ll send my teething baby out to gnaw on your fingers. 😉
This is for a college class. Just 8-9 pages, where I need to explain Daoisms beliefs about the ultimate reality, nature of self, death, and ethics.


  • I have found both the Tao Te Ching and Hua Hu Jing free on the net before by looking them up in Google. What level are you writing at, I have lots of reference materials but I have them for my thesis.

    Brian Walkers Hua Hu Jing is a great resource as well, you can find an E-book of it fre4e by searching google.

  • Read the Tao of Pooh. It explains Taoism using Winnie the Pooh. Very small book – easy to read – helps you to understand a lot. MUCH better than Wikipedia! Pax – C.

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