Home Discussion Forum Need feedback on my new self therapy routine ?

Need feedback on my new self therapy routine ?

My sad story in short : severely abused ( in many ways ) since birth up to my late teens by both parents and relative , suffered like hell , was a walking zombie most of the time and now am ready to heal but can’t afford therapy . Now i’m 25 , alone but feelin brave enuff to face up to my issues .
So below is the list of practices that i think could get me out of this deep and dark tunnel that i am in .
1) Zen meditation and mindfulness ( i admit i’m not discipline enuff to do it everyday tho LoL)
2) EFT -emotional freedom . I’m new to this , but seems to be working .
3) I’ve downloaded Brain Sync’s brainwave CD’s in the hope of reprogramming my mind .
What is missing ? Any opinions ?
I also plan on doing EMDR which i heard work wonders once i have the money for it


  1. That sounds great, but you also need to have some kind of outlet. If you have a friend or someone you trust, talk to them about it. Writing in a journal would also be good. Exercise is a good outlet too.

  2. You are a strong person with a good head on your shoulders.
    There are also free support groups.
    “Emotions Anonymous” (EA)
    “Survivors Of Incest Anonymous” (SIA)
    Therapy is also very helpful when you have a chance to start.
    Good Luck.

  3. You have to have a healthy diet and exercise.
    A hobby, something you can immerse your concentration and effort into. It could be anything.
    I think that the zen meditation is of most importance. Do it every day, and don’t waste your time going through the motions. Don’t just sit there wondering how much time is left, or what your going to do after your done sitting.
    Focus on your breathe and your posture and sit still.
    Have some fun, if you can. Put yourself out there and take personal risks. You have to practice both succeeding and failing. Both are better than nothing.


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