Need advice where I can find an online feng shui expert?

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Hi. Where can I find a feng shui consultant to do an online consultation for a reasonable fee? I need to rearrange my house a certain way to be more harmonize and better energy flow and my home office needs to be worked on more and I have books on feng shui but I don’t know how to apply them very well. I need help in finding an online feng shui expert to reduce the cost of the consultation that can look at my floor plan and digital pictures of my house and give me suggestions on how to rearrange things. If you can give me websites of these professionals/companies that would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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my master is master peter leung. he lives in toronto, and go to other cities to teach fengshui. you can either contact him at or attend his courses.

Christin K

Try this site:
Most of their services are free, some are for fees.


Man you are wasting your time. You get ten different consultants in your house, at ten different times to advise you. And you will get ten different answers. If you think i’m lying, try it. use your own judgement. or waste your money. Either way, I really don’t care. But I would sure hate to see anybody get ripped off.


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