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near death experiences, reincarnation,past life regression?

i am researching peoples opinions and own experiences regarding near death experiences, reincarnation…
feel free to share


  1. They are all products of the brain Checkout sites by Michael Persinger, Andrew Newberg and Matthew Alper. Check also neurotheology.

  2. I recently remembered a month ago my first past life recall. I remembered living in India as a woman from another country. I had studied many religions and spirituality. I ended up chosing Hinduism as my religion to study seriously on my spiritual path.
    While living in India, I studied under a woman guru named Parvati. I remembered this temple that had this giant monkey statue on the outside.
    I had to leave the ashram for a couple of days, Parvati was asking me some medicine-related questions if I was prepared and had them.
    On the way travelling, I got horribly sick with a dreadful disease. It was smallpox. My entire body was mummified. A man carried me to the doctor’s. It was not modern at all. Kind of primative. This was during WWI. He poured water on my body that was wrapped up in white cloth, I screamed like bloody h*ll. Blood seeped through the cloth. I was above watching the whole thing.
    I did not feel anything, but I felt a lot of compassion for my past self and for the horrible suffering she was going through. I felt it was so unnecessary. They also put me against the wall to circulate my blood. My eyes were covered up too. Parvati, my guru, came to visit me as she was given word that I was dying.
    My last words spoken were “Brahman of all things”. I had my mind focused on God when I died which is very important for your next life.
    This life, I’m just a white girl from CA but I ended up feeling at home with Hinduism after studying spiritualy and religions for 17 years. I am picking up where I left off. Amma is now my Satguru in this life. She is helping me finish my journey to God-Realization in this life. I do eventually want to live the rest of my life in India in her ashram. This past life recall helped me understand who I am in this life by explaining how I ended up on this journey and plus that disease helped wipe clean some bad karma as I hardly have any more bad karma to deal with this life. It was quite insightful.
    There is a very interesting site http://www.johnadams.net This guy Walter Semkiv, M.D. had some some research on many cases of past lives and wrote a book called “Return of the Revolutionaries” which I have read. It is fascinating to read and there were many stories of how people can to find out who they are in their past life and became shocked at how identical the looked like in their former life. It is a known fact that our Soul would retain very similiar facial features life after life. There are many examples on that website. Take a look!
    I also wrote two posts about past lives on my 360 blog, the first about the above recall and the second about how people look like their past lives:


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