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Near death experiences? Are they from a "higher power"?

There’s this chemical called DMT that exists in thousands of plants/animals and all humans, and it’s natural function is undetermined. It exists in the center part of the brain (pineal gland) and in some reptiles, the pineal gland has a retina, cornea, and lens.. some people think it’s the “third eye” found in some religions.. It develops in the brain the exact day that the religion that believes in the “third eye” believe the soul enters the body. It’s released in the brain during heavy REM sleep, and at the time of death (near death experience)..
It can actually be extracted from some plants and be smoked/injected and is said to be the most powerful psychedelic drug.. never tried it but wow..Theres a book written by doctor Rick Strassman called The Spirit Molecule that contains detailed accounts of his research and experiences from 60 volunteers that were injected with DMT. Volunteers reported convincing encounters with intelligent nonhuman presences, especially “aliens”.. very strange stuff. makes ya think
“toolstar” when you say ” you are not allowed to know this information”.. well your brain actually protects you from actually remembering the DMT “trip”.. in very heavy doses, you can’t really remember any of it, like waking up from a dream, and not remembering it at all.


  1. NDE’s are pretty much the same thing as dreaming.
    And your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a dream and reality, which is why you think it is real. It feels right, because it’s something you already know.
    You essentially never dream of something you don’t know about. It may be a composite of thoughts you never tie together, but nothing is unfamiliar in it, everything to an extent you know what it is, even if you cannot see it clearly.
    I have dreamed about people who’s faces I have never seen at all, who I have talked to often, knowing their voice very well, and even if they don’t talk, I KNOW it was them in my dream? Why? Because I was thinking of them, they don’t need a face to be known, because I know them.
    Lack of oxygen to the brain does trigger lots of things, there was a scientist who studied it by putting people under massive g-forces to black them out, including himself. (Will try to find link)
    Now I’m not sure about that chemical. Either way, things like acid will do strange things, as all drugs do to some extent. (I remember the ceiling being interesting when I was doped up for a surgery) Either way, you only will see things you already know of, or the potential for ideas is already in your imagination. Everything always fits to your mind.

  2. No, it doesn’t make ya think. If you know that a neurochemical reaction causes these hallucinations, what’s so mystifying? It’s not any stranger than a dream or nightmare. Nobody has ever come back from the dead. That’s why they call it near-death. There’s nothing supernatural about it.
    As far as smoking and injecting stuff goes, it’s not my cup of tea, but to each his own.

  3. i think that DMT does take you to the next dimension, or whatever… but i do thinks its kinda like cheating..b/c ur not *supposed* to know this info till its time to move on…. there is tons of stuff our lil human minds cant know yet…. we are spiritual beings having a human experience.


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