Near death experience? ?

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All i have can fee right now, is thankfulness and an overwhelming feeling of love for my family and friends. About an hour ago, i took a nap. Now I have no idea what triggered this, but it started as sleep paralysis. My whole body was numb. I remember laying in a bed, i could not feel my face, and i could not remember what i had did to lead me to this. I assumed I died. I got out of my bed walk in my living room, seen my parents on the couch watching tv, they did not see me. I also saw people around me, evil people, drug abusers, murderers. Only they could see me. My parents however couldn’t. Then time seemed to fast forward to the future in fast mode, and scenes changed. When i tried to physically opened the door with force, my hand went right through it. That’s when i knew I was dead. I tried to call out for God so many time. All the people around me were disgusting, and their faces were constantly changing, very demonic. That’s went I realized, am I in hell??? At time i almost felt like something was trying to posses me. I finally felt a big hand reach up and pull me an I finally woke up, and felt everything around me, and I’m so happy to be alive. That was so horrific. Now, I have had out of body experiences before, but this was not the same at all, no way. This felt so real. I was actually crying, i’m not one to cry….this was out of this world
I have been on a drinking binge for more than a week. 😐
And i don’t do the pipe thing dumb ass

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Sounds like you should lay off the pipe


I just had a dream about a sword that could kill anyone by touching them except for its owner and that it could not be destroyed by any means.
It’s a horrific thought, but that doesn’t make it real.


Sleep paralysis prevents you from acting out your dreams.
It was only a dream, nothing supernatural.


You’ve got to be joking. Are you serious? No way.. that can’t be..

Agent Smith

Hey … good luck.
Glad you made it back.
God love you!

Shinigami (FAC)

My husband used to always do out of body experiences on purpose when he was young. Once he ended up in this strange place, like death valley, and everyone was hiding in their homes. He was wondering why, when these cat-like creatures came and dug their claws into him.
Someone came and got him out of there and asked him: “What were you doing there?”
He doesn’t do that anymore.
If it was real to you, it was real enough.


Pray and fast- and I’ll pray for you too. Put on your armour if you’re a Christain. If not, you need to be born again.

Everard G

I come heer fro teh lulz; that was great; I love me some satire in the morning.

Speed Of Thought

it was an out of body experience (OBE) or astral projection
scary at first, but you can learn to control it
usually when you run into something scary it is your own fear creating it. when you run from it, it will persist. when you face your fears they eventually will go away. take your time and learn to enjoy it


So many NDEs are closely related to the patients’ experiences and background in life that it is unreasonable to believe that they are having a glimpse of a realm beyond death.
At a strictly scientific level, Dr. Ring admits: “I remind my audiences that what I have studied are near-death experiences, not after-death experiences. . . . There is obviously no guarantee either that these experiences will continue to unfold in a way consistent with their beginnings or indeed that they will continue at all.
That, I believe, is the correct scientific position to take on the significance of these experiences.”
Certainly the Bible leaves no room for considering near-death experiences as a prelude to life after death.
King Solomon’s description of death and its effects has no hints of an immortal soul surviving into some other form of conscious existence. The dead “are conscious of nothing at all.”
Dr. Moody explained in his book Life After Life that “rarely, someone . . . has proposed demonic explanations of near-death experiences, suggesting that the experiences were doubtless directed by inimical forces.”
Wicked spirits mislead people and also frighten them. Today, Satan and his demons know that they have only “a short period of time” left before they are put out of action, and they are now more vicious than ever. (Revelation 12:12, 17)

Servant Leader

Without knowing if you are a believer or a non-believer, this answer could go both ways.
But it sounds like God may be trying to get your attention if you are one who keeps Him at a distance.


Great. Now when you finally come back down here to earth, we’ll be ready to answer to any actual questions you might post.

JM Gendron

Yeah, LSD will do strange things to you.
I’ve died. Drowned, heart stopped, dead. As dead as it gets. My cousin performed basic CPR until the paramedics got there. Paramedics saved my life.
I was literally dead.
Know what my experience was?
Being dead. Nothing. No light, no visions, no thought, I was dead.
You had a bad dream. I was dead. There’s a difference.
Atheistically yours,
JM Gendron.


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