NDE causing kundalini crisis?

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In Sept., I took an ayahuasca brew with my fiancee and had a near-death-experience. I was unprepared, had a rough trip, and made my guy’s trip go bad. Didn’t take it for spiritual purposes… Halfway through Oct., I had a series of 3-5 mind-blowing headaches that felt like electricity in my head. Other symptoms during that time included time distortion, feeling overwhelmed by voices/entities in my head (plugged into the universe), intense emotions, and personality issues (didn’t feel like “me” anymore…). Last headache nearly split me and my fiancee up-we’ve had problems ever since then. We both know that I have a major block in my psychic self now, but we can’t seem to get through it. Am I really going through kundalini crisis? I haven’t been able to smoke anything or drink recreationally since the headaches, and I feel separated from my fiancee. Is there some way to reverse what’s going on, to get in the akashic records and alter this process? I’ve had a painful 4 mos.,please help!

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Go to the doctor! There’s no such thing as a ‘kundalini crisis’ but the last guy I knew with the same problem was schzophrenic. Seriously, go to the doctor.

Angry yet?

I tell a lot of jokes on here but this is not a laughing matter.

Heron By The Sea

You really must go see a medical doctor. Any reputable yoga instructor or Guru would agree. I’m not saying that there can be no spiritual cause of these problems you are having, however, I think that the physical symptoms are so severe in this case, that you need to start with a physical doctor – a licenced medical doctor. When you are then of sound body, you can move on to dealing with mind and spirit. They are all inter-connected, which means that if you work on healing the body, you will see benefit in the other areas.
You really need to stop doing any drugs or drinking any alcohol. There is no good reason to be using those substances that I can think of.
Severe headaches have been known to make people do crazy things, like even try to commit suicide. Don’t mess around with this. Go to a doctor and tell them the entire truth.

neil s

Look up ashwagandharishtam online. Take that with manasmitra tablets morning and evening, it will help. Also learn sukha pranayama if you can. Feel free to contact me.

Frater Z.

Kundalini, in my experience, only flashes up very briefly then settles. It’s an euphoric experience and in fact kills pain. Ayahuasca for first time users is very unsettling and it’s not unusual for people to take months to recover to their old selves.
I get the impression there are two distinct issues here. The first is medical – the headaches you describe probably requires the attention of an MD… migraines perhaps. The other sounds like a split of your astral self from your physical self – likely brought on from the brew. Not serious, but disorienting to be sure. I suggest visualizing your astral self “re-aligning” with your physical body. Create a visualization, make it as detailed as you possibly can and include all your senses, and run it everyday. Think of the astral body as a cloud that is centered around the body. While you’re at it, clean it up with water imagery and drink lots of water. And engage the senses as much as possible – smell the flowers, savor tastes, look at everything and so on. Seek experienced help.
And see a doctor about the headaches!


Ayahuasca has been used in the Amazon for thousands of years both as a medicine and as a tool for transformation. It is recommended you research Ayahuasca further online and with your doctor or general practitioner and ONLY use with trained Ayahuasca practitioners. http://www.heartoftheinitiate.com/


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