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Nature – "heaven," "Zen," enlightenment?

Each being has an individual, distinct nature. I call this “perfection” (I live in America, this is how I think) because it’s precisely the way one could ever wish to be – it IS everything one can want (the ego).
The nature of one is within (obviously), and one becomes (manifests) it by accepting the self (because it’s everything one could wish for) and placing all faith in it (because again, it’s YOU, and it’s everything one can want).
This is the “heaven,” “Zen,” & enlightenment people of the past called it and people today refer to – it’s nature, and one can’t get “more” or better than nature. You may agree or disagree w/ this, but I know by experience – I tell you to help you, if you don’t already know this.
Your comments?


  1. I believe all beings have a piece of God-Tao within themselves, call it a soul if you will. If we see this light within everything else, we see ourselves in all things. Everything is connected.

  2. I agree. I’ve read a lot of books by Osho. And the concept of aloneness. All is on the inside. Nothing on the outside. Its basically your inner self reflected outwards. Kind of the answers you’ve always been looking for. I never grew out of it. Nothing ever made sense to me before.

  3. Our nature is imperfect, not perfect. Wanting to be perfect is silly, and doesn’t really help anyone. Wanting to say your own imperfect nature is perfect, and you have the answers to help everyone else, is a very American attitude, but not very helpful to anybody. We can all do better and be better if we choose to or are pushed hard enough.


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