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Naturally Ability to read Auras?

Hello, my mom’s spiritual friend believes I may be able to read auras. How do I know for sure? I’ve tried looking at people using different methods, and sometimes I am able to see a colored haze, but if I look too closely, it gets harder to see. Do you think I do have this ability? Is there any way to improve it? Thank you so much! I’d love feedback from people who have this natural gift.


  1. Interestingly enough alot of the people I know say the trick is to turn inward rather than try to focus anything outward. Has something to do with the 6th sense in connection with your spirit more than vision. Which would explain why cocusing isnt doing much good outwardly. Try entering a meditative state when looking at the person vs. just looking harder or out of your periphreal vision. Feeling likely plays a large role as well.
    Best of luck.

  2. Do you like to size up people when you meet them, making a register of what they are feeling emotionally inside. Aura reading is just another way of describing what’s underneath on the inside. idk though some people use these things fraudulently to manipulate other people

  3. practice makes perfect.
    the more you do it the easier it gets.
    and yeah, i have read that it is hard to see if you focus too hard.

  4. You can practice and it becomes easier.
    Try holding your two forefingers over a sheet of white paper and then bring your fingertips together to within half an inch of each other.
    Gaze at the space between your two fingertips.
    If you relax your eyes you should be able to see your aura between the two fingertips. It will appear as a yellow colour at first. It might take 2 minutes before it appears.
    It will help you to see it by having the white paper as background colour.
    You could also practise by looking at the auras of trees. Sit somewhere quietly and slightly defocus your eyes and gaze at the space around the top of the trees. You should start to see the aura and also glistening sparkles of light which trees seem to give off in their auras.
    If you can do this, then you should be able to develop your gift further. You need to look at the object not too intently. Remember you are looking with your eyes but also with your mind’s eye.
    The secret is to not look too hard, you need to develop a new way of looking to the one you are used to.
    Hope this helps a bit.

  5. Either it is just your imagination, or you have a serious vision problem that can cause blindness. You might want to go to the eye doctor.

  6. i ushualy look at a dimmer and see the ranbow ring arround it 20 feet away and the closer i walk up to it it shrinks into the bulb. look a few inches away from the body and you;ll see the faint see through light emenating from the aura.


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