Natural Herb to increase libido?





other than Yohimbe, Maca and Gotu Kola. However if you’ve used these how do they work?


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  2. Natural female libido enhancement with herbal libido remedies can help increase sex drive naturally, without harmful side-effects.
    Thanda Passion Booster is a 100% natural, proven and safe herbal remedy to help increase libido and improve female sexual problems. Used on a regular basis, it helps maintain healthy sexual desire, orgasmic functioning and sexual health.
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    Tips to Increase Sex Drive Naturally:
    Consume Plenty of:
    * Legumes, fortified grains and cereals, poultry, wheat germ and dark green leafy vegetables for B-group vitamins
    * Fruits and vegetables for vitamin C
    * Poultry, seafood and wheat germ for a good supply of vitamin E
    * Lean meat, fish, shellfish, legumes and fortified cereals for iron
    * Yogurt, grains and oysters for zinc
    Cut Down on/Avoid:
    * Saturated fats and alcohol
    * Smoking

  3. The ones suggested thus far have all been reported to increase libido. Another one is horny goat’s weed – which has long been used in China for male libido (and you gotta love the name!).
    Three things that others have reported to me as being effective for increasing libido are:
    DHEA (a good friend of mine claims it is especially potent for him)
    Watermelon seeds
    Oleander extract (it’s a toxic plant when raw, but you can buy it in safeherbal supplement form)
    Good luck!

  4. well there’s Ginseng, Nettle, Damiana, Ashwashagda (sp). they work well, not a miracle drug. have to take them enough time for the body to get alcclimated to them.
    gota kola will increase blood flow in the system, not increase Libidio.

  5. My favorites are ginseng, or fresh bee pollen (about one teaspoon in the morning). They really get the engine going….
    I have tried Maca, Yohimbe, and Gotu Cola, but not as good results, and they have side effects like either getting lethargic, or overly wired.

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