Natalie Sudman’s Near Death Experience

Investigating The Blink Environment — Natalie Sudman Describes Her Near-Death Experience Due To A Roadside Bomb In Iraq www.AfterlifeTV.com “An archaeologist who accepted a position managing construction contracts in Iraq, Natalie Sudman tells the story of her encounter with a roadside bomb (IED) and what happened when she left her body and had a near-death experience. In the blink of an eye, Natalie found herself in another dimension, what she calls the Blink Environment. Surrounded by thousands of other-wordly beings, she instantly began downloading minutely detailed information to them about events, thoughts, concepts, judgments, projections and connections regarding her physical life so far. Thus begins this fascinating story of spiritual insight and experience that will have you mesmerized by this Defense Of Freedom Medal recipient. This is a video you don’t want to miss.”

~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV http Click To Purchase Natalie Sudman’s Book: “Application Of Impossible Things — A Near-Death Experience In Iraq” www.amazon.com Natalie Sudman worked as an archeologist in the Great Basin states for sixteen years before accepting a position managing construction contracts in Iraq. After being injured by a roadside bomb (improvised explosive device–IED), Natalie has since retired from government service. She is now enjoying art, writing, and continuing explorations into the non-physical. Natalie Sudman has been a subject of studies performed by the University of


  • 22:16 “They were managing energy flows between dimensions … Some kind of Managers …”
    This is incredible! Please Ms. Natalie Sudman, try to read the revelations in the Urantia Book:
    (175.7) 15:8.4 The universal plan for the maintenance of equilibrium between matter and energy necessitates the everlasting making and unmaking of the lesser material units. The Universe Power Directors have the ability to condense and detain, or to expand and liberate, varying quantities of energy.

  • That was such a great interview. This interview confirms that the souls love the experiences even our human-self like it or not, it is all about experiences. And I love Natalie’s energy, reminded me of a friend from college, beautiful and bright!

  • Natalie’s smile is captivating as were her words. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview.  Believe what she experienced to be true …. otherwise, what would the purpose be in/to this life? Thank you!!

  • Amaazing. Its so awesome to consider what it takes to live a human life. I’d like to give everyohe a purple heart, myself too. We are magnificent spiritual beings yet children on a playground. I appreciate my life more. And all people too!

  • i have a feeling she was pretty kick ass even before the NDE. highly experienced and brave soul. i’m a toddler and get so freaking overwhelmed by this earth experience. she is a most eloquent speaker and deeply intelligent. thanks to both for this video.

  • Just ordered Natalie’s book. Very excited to read it! Bob, you’re a good man. I love your interviews!

  • This is my 2nd attempt at watching Natalie’s interview and this time it is going much better. I have just come back from a day of biking and I am nice and refreshed. The interview is very good and observations for her NDE are surprising consistent with Michael Newton’s work. I was happy to hear that as a spiritual entity it takes real skill to incarnate as a human. I’m happy to learn, I’m good at something! :)) An LBL regression for Natalie would also be good to confirm more information.

  • I get the feeling Natalie is already a highly evolved soul, sent to earth to do a certain job. when she was killed she didnt even go through a tunnel, like most do with OBEs, she got to be with her soul companions immediately, her soul knew where they were..’if you know what I mean’..
    I found this hard to watch..while watching i kept going into a deep meditation, had to eventually stand up to watch it.

  • Wow!This was the superbowl of interviews.Loaded with intelligent questions and deep,meaningfull responses.Every time I watch it I am able to glean a bit more of an understanding of her experience.Thanks Guys (and dolls) !!

  • This was a great interview and great information of the other realm.I lost my 18 year old son 17 months ago on Christmas Eve 2010 and this helps me a great deal

  • Every NDE concludes that there is one true God, and it’s us. Separate, evolving animals are the mechanism God uses to experience, observe and shape itself over eternity.

  • Just a curiosity question for Natalie. The sound “underlying” creation you described.in the above. I have read that mantras and such are seed syllables from the location of root creation … Is that something you may have experienced or understood.? Thanks Colin…

  • Thank you for this interview, very intressesting there where allot of good questions being asked!

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