naruto's powers handicaps?

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Is it just me or do you agree that is kind of gay that every time naruto gets a new powerful technique he is told not to use it? Like when shippuuden started. He sort of learned how to use the kyubee chakra and was told not to use because it harms him and might harm others. So all that training, all that juicy new power was sent to hell because his body gets harmed and because his body might give up on him for getting hurt and healing so much. Then, recently he just finished the fuuton-rasen shiruken and yet again, he is told not to use that power because he gets hurt every time he uses it. I understand they are great powers. but shouldn’t there be a way around to use them and not put him into such position? I mean like learn to throw the rasen shiruken or have a clon use it so that he doesnt get hurt. The kyubee’s power, sure it burns the crap out of him. But why not learn how to use it and control the power so that it doesn’t takes control of him and bursts out so uncontrollably that it burns him? Is it just me or the put too many handicaps on him?
yeah well, how about bringing stronger ninjas againts him? What is he left with? shirukens and farts? I mean I kinda read the manga and I know he becomes strong and all, but it just seems lame the we wait so much for new techniques for him just to be told not to use them so suddenly.

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Well if they didn’t put the handicaps on then he would become some crazy super ninja who could defeat anyone easily. He’d take out Orichimaru and Akatsuki in like 2 episodes.
But is does seem kinda unfair on the little guy. No doubt he’ll just ignore Tsunade and use it anyway


I know exactly. If I was not told to use an atack I would get tired of it and run away, then I would be a missing nin. That is one good reason for having Orochimaru san as a trainer becasue he dosnt tell you to hold back.

Baz K

well just giving him amazing tecks would spoil everything as he is just a kid and almost all powers come with a down side wether it be a lose of energy or just limited use but i agree he should be able to use these new skills but maybe with a long charge time like goku from DBZ’s spirit bomb or a double edged move so that he injures himself too but still get to use his new skills.


LMAO!!! dont worry it all comes together the anime just way behind i would tell you how he gets to use his fuuton but i dont want to spoil a nything but just know naruto has become quite the badass in the manga chapters even surpassing both jiraiya and the fourth
besides naruto is strong even without the kyuubi power and he cant use a clone to do the fuuton because anything the clone exsperinces so does he (besides death somehow)
anyway i feel you absolutly about waiting so long for naruto to get strong we all want to see him bad ass because hes been nothing but lame but kishimoto is putting it off so that it will be SUPER SUPER COOL!! when it does happen which it is
do you actually think that sasuke could beat naruto a second time?! if you do then your dead wrong! even with out naruto’s even newer ability that makes him super strong and let him use the fuuton shuriken and gives him ADDED healing power
naruto wouldn’t loose for one reason and that is naruto is the name of the show
i know that doesnt make up for wanting to see him get stronger but trust me kishimoto made it worth the wait i suggest finifhing it off with the manga you wont have to wait you ucan read past all that stuff in like 3 days up to the current manga chapter
the anime is sure to have another filler so i suggest you read the manga because the anime is sure to make it even longer


i agree with you… It’s really annoying… when you try to list the many techniques that Sasuke uses it’s really annoying… to see that Naruto only has a few and they’re dangerous

Miss D

It sure is, but isn’t it sort of better this way?
He would be too strong. Him beating everyone up wouldn’t be very entertaining to watch. Plus it gives a chance for the other characters to shine. Like his friends and especially Akatsuki.


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