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Naruto who's your favourtie character?

In Naruto who’s your favorite character for me its:
1:Sakura Haruno! Shes awsome! With her Inner Sakura and how she becomes Tsundae’s apprentice.
2:Neji Hyuuga! Neji is awsome with his bakugaun since he has 360 degrees of vision and also he dosent have a blind spot since he can release chakra into the area he cant see that well(like he does when hes facing one of the sound ninja) Also he is one of the strongest members of the Hyuuga clan even though hes from the lesser branch. His attacks are awsome also (Eight Trigrams 64 plams, eight trigrams 128 plams, and rotation)
3: Hinata Hyuuga. Shes from the main branch of the hyuuga clan and I like her since she figures out her own justsu and when she displays it in the episode were herself, Shino, Naruto, and Kiba go find the sent bug.
In Naruto Shippuden I love Sakura even more since she has insane strength, can heal(a lot better) and shes very smart.
Also I still like Neji and Hinata in Shippuden also and the reasons are the same.


  1. Here are my fav characters:
    -Naruto if hes using the fox’s charkra
    – Zetsu -coz he looks cool lol
    – Fourth Hokage because of his abilities – the yellow flash
    Sasuke – he pisses me off

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    Hinata cuz she is real sweet n cute n verry innocent girl……..but wen time comes she can kick some real a$$!!……….She is probably da most charming n sweet anime girl frm all da animes 4 me^^
    Well kakashi & Itachi & Yondaime 2 cuz they r so awesome n so hotties!!!

  3. Shino Aburame is my favorite character- I like him from the beginning. I love his bug clone thing when he was fighting kankurou, and the clone just dispersed into a million bugs that was cool. And the episode in shippuuden where clueless naruto didn’t remember shino and shino was sulking about it.

  4. Temari <3 she kicks butt 😛 (and I like her hair)Also Tenten (evewn know she really doesnt have much screen time)I like her hair too...Too bad both my fav characters tried to kill each other XP


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