Home Discussion Forum (naruto) What takes more chakra ninjutsu or genjutsu???

(naruto) What takes more chakra ninjutsu or genjutsu???

What uses more chakra ninjutsu or genjutsu??


  1. genjutsu if you are an experienced user and plus it depends what level of genjutsu (Itachi’s make him a little blind each time)
    Ninjutsu same thing (depends what level you are using it at) like kage ne bushu vs summoning the frogs. So both is the same.

  2. Depending on the level and how much usage of chakra is used within the ninjutsu or genjutsu can vary,so depending on either one they could more or less chakra. Ninjutsu would probably use more chakra then any other else,as there are many different various of ninjutsu as well as how much skill and chakra it take to acutely master and use them.
    Ninjutsu such as Kage Bunshin no Jutsu – Shadow Clone Technique,are one of the most high level jutsu’s to use,at the same time because of this it does require a large amount of chakra for it to be used and sustained,depending on how many clones are made will require more chakra,because it divides the chakra between each clone. For Naruto this isn’t a problem as he has more then enough chakra to support to use Kage Bunshin no Jutsu,and even Kakashi has said that Naruto has more chakra then him,this could also be besides Naruto normal chakra,but also because of the Kyuubi chakra as well. However,the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu technique does have its drawback as well as all the exhaustion the clones receive are sent back back to the original user,but on the other side,the user learns what the Kage Bunshin’s have.
    However,genjutsu such as the MS used my Itachi would take much more chakra then it would of any normal genjutsu or anyother ninjutsu for that matter.
    Naruto Rocks!!!!!

  3. Like everyone said, it depends…for example, even a great ninja like Itachi and Kakashi, after using sharingan (genjutsu) for a while they get really exhausted, which means it requires a lot of chakra. But then again, using taju-kakebunshin (ninjutsu) for Naruto can be a chakra-consuming thing if he’s already tired, since the particular jutsu is to divide up chakra into multiple shadow clones. So yeah…depends.


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