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Naruto: What Chakra elements bests describes you?

It can be more than one and if u combine them what would u get?
i would have to say earth and maybe wind
Earth- Cos i am sometimes shy when meeting new people. But i do make a lot new friends : )
Wind- If someone needs help with a problem or in a bad situation, i would help them out if i am able to : )


  1. Mines would be lightning. I have always admired the relentless power of the element. I am fast like lightning as well which makes it suitable to my standards. Still I also must fawn over the element of fire. It describes my passion for what I do. Combining these together would create an unbridled force of nature. It’s hard to imagine something so savage. Hmmm…. No nothing yet.Thankyou for this. It really does make you ponder what describes you most.

  2. Wind, Fire, and Yin-Yang Release
    Wind because I am very passive but am a little tense. Fire because I don’t give up I’m not arrogant though and Yin- Yang because I tend to change a little.


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