Naruto uses most of his chakra to seal of the fox's, judgin by da power & quantity ……?

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of the demon fox’s chakra, doesn’t this mean that without the kyuubi naruto would be the greatest shinobi with all that blue chakra at his desposal?

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no, not neccessarily, if naruto only had his blue chkra, he would be a “normal” ninja. For example, furing his fight with Neji, all his BLUE chakra points were blocked, so, if he didnt have the Kyuubi’s power, he probably wouldnt have won.


The fourth hokage’s seal is what keeps the fox in check. The only way the kyubi can take control of him is if he consciously allows it to or if he looses his cool, it has nothing to do with his chakra. With that said i think that naruto would not be the best ninja in the villiage without the kyubi but he would be an elite ninja; probably sannin level by the time he was 30. He taught himself a jounin level jutsu (kage bunshin) in a few hrs. He learned an A rank difficulty jutsu in about 2 weeks (rasengan; he made the bet with tsunade after he went through the trainin with the water balloon rubber ball and air filled balloon so it was really more than a week). And all of this was without using the kyubi’s chakra ( He has to specifically ask it for help, or be near death for it to be used). He was born with an amazing amount of stamina and because of that he is the only one who can go through the shaddow clone training, which is almost as good as sharingan when it comes to learning new jutsu. He is a great shinobi, thats probably why the 4th chose him to contain the kyubi. He probably recognized this talent in him as a child.


No. Besides he’s too dumb to be the best.

Naruto Maniac

Well he has blus chakra which would make him normal but he also has red chakra and thats the fox’s. The fox was sealed by the fourth hokage and naruto doesent givi chakra to keep it sealed but he can brake the seal and release the fox’s true power.
Orochimaru sealed it so he cant relase the fox because then naruto could defeat orochimaru.
Later Jiriha unsealed the seal orochimaru sealed so naruto cold use the fox’s chakra. Then naruto could learn summoning jutsu and really summon a frog.
And Jiriha wanted naruto to be like the fourth hokage.
Without the fox naruto wouldnt be a good ninja bevause he couldnt use shadow colne, summoning,or rasengun.
So the kyubi makes naruto a whole lot better ninja thna he would ne without it but also he is not the best shinobi but he will be like the fourth.


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