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Naruto Shippuden Vs. Aang: Last Air Bender?

OK, I know it’s gotten a little old but i finally got to fully watch both series and i will list their abilities.
Here goes: Naruto
Limited Regeneration(destroys his cells in the process), Shadow Clone Technique(can learn anything his clones did, can create massive amounts of them), Rasengan(Wind Release: Rasengan(shape transformation and nature transformation, the victim becomes trapped in a giant vortex of microscopic wind-blades that attack the body on a cellular level) Wind Release(can cut things with his chakra), Senjutsu(sense and gather the natural energy around him), Sage Mode(drastically increase the strength of all ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu), Frog Kata(powerful fighting style during sage mode), Intelligence(deception using shadow clones to confuse foe), Toad Summon Skills(summon massive toads to fight with him) and collaborate together[collaboration Jutsu] to create new jutsu), Jinchūriki(monstrous amount of chakra, Eight-Tailed Transformation), Transformation Technique( able to change his appearance to deceive especially sexy technique, become naked sexy naruto girls)
Body Replacement Technique(escape from harm)
[info from here: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Naruto_Uzumaki]
Airbending( Baguazhang: air bending martial art consists of intricate foot and palm movements to dodge, walk circles around the enemy and strike unexpectedly as well as defend from all angles, air is his natural element,youngest airbending master in history,create tornadoes and currents of air strong enough to lift or deflect extremely heavy objects, invented a new Airbending move, the Air Scooter[same principal like rasengan of rotating air at high speed only he uses it for transportation/fun,can fly with a big rasengen surrounding his body), Waterbending( Tai Chi which features slow movements and elegant forms that evoke the feel of flowing water,Waterbending’s strength is its defensive capabilities which, rather than supporting a separate set of offensive methods, are transformed into attacks and counters – defense into offense, creates massive tidal waves, bending entire streams of water, bend an entire ocean to rise in avatar state, water can be used to heal but don’t know if aang can use it or not), Firebending(Dancing Dragon:Powerful fire bending martial arts able to incapacitate[destroy] a Fire Nation Airship,lightning redirection(absorbs lightning as energy then shooting back anywhere he wants), Earthbending( Hung Gar Kung Fu which features heavily rooted stances and strong kicks and punches that evoke the mass and power of earth based on the movements of animals, including the tiger, which is utilized when initiating hard blows, and the crane, which is used to land gently back on the Earth capable of bending large boulders, sending massive columns of rock flying,forming earthen armor around his body for protection even crystals, Seismic Sense(detect vibrations in the ground and perceive objects and their enviroment), in Avatar mode can manipulate massive columns of rock, compress boulders into pebbles, send rocks flying at mach speeds, and requires no physical connection with the ground to Earthbend, Toph can metalbend don’t know if aang can or not), Energybending( ability to bend life & natural energy, can feel and stop Senjutsu, bending a person’s life energy can impart them with knowledge instantly or remove one’s bending completely e.g. naruto’s chakra or kyubii, not sure but since kyubi is essentially energy[mass amount of chakra], Aang is extremely agile and quick, Spirit(has the wisdom of all previous avater before him at his disposal, Medium(can act as a medium, a bridge between mortal world and the Spirit World, the plane of existence where the universe’s disembodied spirits dwell. Through inducing a deep meditative state, Aang can separate from his body and travel the physical world’s astral plane in astral form and communicate with non-corporeal beings allows him to channel other spirits while in the Avatar State e.g. kyubi? Can create a wall of compressed wind fire water and rock around himself(kinda of like kekkaishi zekkai if you know) and attack whith them all simultaneously. Although passive as a monk, aang is very intelligent. [info from http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Aang]
Done! So what do you think, i made it as fair as i knew the characters.


  1. the way its set up is creative but i think Aang would win and it pains me to say so! because naruto would KILL Aang but in this! Aang has long and short range moves and is faster Naruto wont keep up or get close enough to hit Aang. Everyone knows Naruto is close range only

  2. Naruto, because he’s faster than Aang ever will be, even in Avatar state, he’s still completely human, you can still harm him with stuff like a paper cute, in Kyuubi state, naruto can easily break through his Defense. Naruto can sub, that already tells you naruto is quick enough that Aang will not notice this.
    If Aang attacks, depending on naruto, he can heal pretty fast, in a tails state he can regenerate, Aang wont even harm tails state even with those gigantic forms of his, he can still be overpowered.
    Than again, why would they even fight at all.

  3. Definitely Naruto, because he can always rely on the eight tails, and even if he gets hurt by Aang he will recover fast, because of sage mode and the eight tails.

  4. Aye…
    It would have to be Naruto because has the ability to heal “quicker” because of his the nine tail fox power. Also, he has the speed and his determination to win is way stronger then Aang. Remember, like all the characters in Naruto said he has the gut to do anything which makes get stronger and stronger ^.^ Plus, Naruto is becoming less stupid, he sort of starting to use some logic. And if he can’t control his emotions he becomes the nine tail fox which will definitely dominate Aang.

  5. Ang all the way. Naruto is not faster than ang and ang can feel him anyway whither it be heat source seismic sence atmospher or even in water and ang controls air so rasengan is out of the way. he can energyband when he took away the firelords power and paralyze him so he can do the same with kyubi tail naruto. naruto can’t even touch him with his elemental shield around him and he can fly and attack from the sky however he wants. kyubi’s element is fire and ang can firebend, waterbend, eathbend and energybend so he can control all nature chakra and life energy plus he’s only 12 and naruto’s 17 or something. all he got to to is seal kyubi with his energybending and naruto’s gone man

  6. uzumaki naruto now a days in manga posses the power of sage of six paths during his traning with eight tales killer bee
    naruto has great stamina and with sage mode he becomes strong Aang have only the power of AIR,WATER,EARTH,FIRE BENDINGS.so according to my opnion naruto is far stronger than shit Aang.

  7. aang can’t energybend chakra. energybending, hence the bending means it can only take away other BENDING. because the element bending is just linked to energybending so that’s the only think energybending is going to take away. and the fourth hokage put a seal on naruto and aang can’t do anything to it. and naruto just has full control of of the nine tails in recent chapters. so naruto have full control of his body. aang can’t counter

  8. Naturo because he can use his shadow clones and rasengan, he can let out the nine tails and aang would be annialated


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