Naruto Question: What would happen if someone was implanted with more than 1 bijuu?

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For example, if yondaime implanted the ichibi and the kyuubi in Naruto. What would happen? Would Naruto die because of the immense chakra?

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Rey Misterio

that’s impossible so it’s likely he would die


no one ever talked about that in the series. ( atleast that I know of ).
but he most likely would die..


It is actually impossible. Other than that, i can actually imagine what can it be like. It would be super cool! That person can be veryvery powerful but *he/she* can actually look really wierd in their physical appearance since they’re alot of bijuu[s] in their body. 😀 [if you get what i mean]


Good question.
I think that it depends on the hoast and the bijuu.
For example if Killer Bee was to be implimented with say the 3 tails then i think he would be able to controll both.
If naruto was implimented with the ichibi then most likely one of the bijuu would take controll of naruto. As we know that the kuubi is a basterd so my guess is he would start a kinda fight with the ichibi over naruto’s body
@Rey Misterio i dont think it is impossible as Madara said he wants all the tailed beast so he can be “complete”

Maria M

i think he wou;ld have died

Naruto Rasenshuriken

Well,if someone was implanted with more than one bijuu he/she unless a good ninja would not be able to handle the pressure and release the bijuu.
Because a jinchuriki unless good friends with the bijuu can’t full control it and a non-controlled bijju can take over the medium’s body.
Naruto has both the chakra of the nine-tailed fox and chakra of some toads.


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